Rock Opera in Sava Centre venue

All of you in love with timeless hit songs – get ready, as the end of November is reserved for a fantastic event in Belgrade – Rock Opera in Sava Centre!

Rock Opera in Sava Centre venue

The memorable event is to take place on 27 November in Sava Centre Venue in New Belgrade, titled “Rock Opera” and this is already putting smiles on your faces and makes your heart tremble with impatience, no matter which music genre you may prefer. Here you’ll have it all – from jazz and rock to opera.

Big Bend from Novi Sad was founded by jazz and pop musicians 15 years ago intending to popularise the traditional orchestral performance by playing a number of popular local, regional and world melodies, as well as the movie soundtracks. The band consists of some of the most prominent jazz and pop musicians from Novi Sad, and in the previous period, Big Bend had fantastic cooperation with a number of well-known musicians and hit the festivals across Serbia and the region. The band cooperated with Željko Joksimović, Bojana Stamenov, Jelena Tomašević, Massimo Savić, Tanja Banjanin, Kornelije Kovač and many other respectable names from the music world. The band also cooperated with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and the Choir of the Serbian National Theatre Orchestra. To date, Novi Sad Big Bend recorded two CDs „Samo muzika („Nothing but music“)“ in 2010 and „Polaris“ in 2013.

The concert in Sava Centre comes as a result of cooperation with the Choir of the Serbian National Theatre Orchestra. The programme for the evening will include 17 rock music hits from the most famous world and local bands. This memorable event will feature 140 performers who will present some of the most famous music hit songs by Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, the Queen, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Tina Turner, including the Serbian EKV band and many other legendary local bands. The two-hour concert will also feature the soloists and members of the Opera choir, some of whom are Danka Adamov, Renata Starović Petošević, Maja Andrić, Dragana Keler, Zoran Šandorov, Vojislav Malešev, Jelena Končar and many others. The author of music and conductor is Fedor Vrtačnik who is also the art director of the Big Bend.

We from Novi apartmani suggest that you book your tickets on time for this fantastic event and if you’re travelling to Belgrade, you should also book your accommodation on time. If you’re looking for comfortable and affordable accommodation near Sava Centre, do check out the section in our web site New Belgrade. Plan your time wisely and you’ll be able to book some great apartments for as little as 27 eur, and one of them is the apartment Oton.

See you in Sava Centre!

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