Science Festival 2018

For the 12th time in a row, the Science Festival will once again try to reinstate the importance of science and especially make it interesting and appealing for the youngest visitors and all of us in

Science Festival 2018

Belgrade will once again be a host of a very unique event, regardless of our age. This text is, of course, about the Science Festival, the major science festival in the region which takes place from 29 November – 2 December, for the 12th time in a row at the halls of the Belgrade Fair.

"The Future Earth" is the motto of this-year event, and obviously, the organisers are trying to refocus on the long-term sustainability of our planet and its residents. More specifically, the focus is not on how we imagine our future on Earth, but rather, what are the specific actions we could undertake in order to ensure the green future and sustainability of human life on Earth. We must not forget, however, that despite the major scientific discoveries, plans and continuous technological developments, we still have one and only planet to live on, the planet which actually makes our life possible.

Similarly to the previous years, the organisers want to enable all the visitors, and especially the youngest ones to get in direct touch with the scientist and try different experiments and dive into unforgettable scientific adventures. This hands-on approach is highly practical and interesting for getting to know about some of the fundamental scientific principles, so the youngest visitors will definitely be amused with different scientific disciplines. Who knows, perhaps some of them start to develop their interest and love for science just at this very place.

The festival is growing bigger in size and becoming more and more relevant each year, and this year promises to feature thousands of experiments, lectures, exhibitions and interactive scientific installations.

The presenters will try to draw attention of visitors and give their best to demonstrate the laws underlying different scientific disciplines, such as physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and others, so it will be difficult to single out a “LAB” to visit. However, we would like to recommend the guests from Barcelona, the returning visitors to the Science Festival. They are the GUIXOT SCIENCE TEAM, well-known for its dedication to applicable ecology and recycling. In their work, they managed to make use of old exercise equipment and turn it into a unique exercise field, connecting three very important issues: SCIENCE, FUN and RECYCLING.

Just like in previous years, we from Novi apartmani are going to take our youngsters to the festival, although we ourselves would like to take part in most of these fun activities as well. So, our recommendation is that you do the same. Whoever visited this event at least once, will know for sure what this is all about.

For all of you coming to Belgrade with your family in the period 29 November – 2 December, we wholeheartedly recommend that you pay a visit to this festival. No matter if you’re staying in Vracar, New Belgrade, Strict center, or Banovo brdo, Belgrade Fair is easily reachable for its good connection with all the parts of Belgrade.

See you at the Science Festival!

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