Severina in Belgrade

One and only, a genuine pop star of the Balkans, a Split-born singer with family ties in Belgrade has again decided to make a real treat in our capital with another memorable event.

Severina in Belgrade

Another Severina's spectacular magic tour is ahead. The Magic Tour – a new regional tour by Severina Kojic, perhaps more well-known only as Severina, or Seve as her fans call her, starts in November in her hometown of Split, and will continue with a concert scheduled for November 23rd in Belgrade.

The Belgrade concert will be held at the Stark Arena in New Belgrade, where for the third time, Severina will welcome and cheer her loyal and growing audience. This regional tour will continue with concerts in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Skopje. Alongide Severina, a symphony orchestra as well as dozens of great dancers and musicians will be on stage that night. The singer announces "a proper fairy tale for the whole family and all generations", which we should not at all doubt, judging by her performances so far and the spectacular events that she is able to deliver.

Born in Split as the youngest of three daughters, Severina Kojic, nee Vuckovic, was still a girl when she demonstrated her talent and interest in music and dance, and her career later on followed that direction, and since 1990 she's been a professional musician. She is known for her hit songs, performances and collaborations with numerous celebrities. She also tried out as an actress and presenter, and participated in the fashion business as well. Due to her attractive appearance and unique voice, Severina quickly became a favorite and one of the most popular regional stars. She was often associated with many famous men in public, and the tabloids never spared her. Still, Severina remained a very popular and favorite star not only in Croatia but throughout the region.

She has recorded twelve albums and a number of singles. The last album was released this year under the name "Halo" and this tour is also a promotion of the new album. Her album "Dobrodošao u klub" from 2012 was also immensely popular, with one of the most favourite songs recorded together with the pop-folk group "Ministarke" titled "Uno Momento"“. The Belgrade concert is expected to be an evening to remember, and the singer will perform a number of her old hits, as well as songs from the new album that are already recording the growing popularity on social networks.

We from Novi apartmani are proper fans of Severina and her work and we will definitely attend this spectacular music event. If you're also fond of Severina just like us, we recommend that you book a proper accommodation on time near the Stark Arena. So, do check out our offer of apartments in New Belgrade, pick an apartment that suits you well and get ready to enjoy the fantastic rhythm and outstanding choreography – the spectacular event that simply goes naturally with the name of Severina.

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