Sting’s return to Belgrade

As a part of his latest tour “57th & 9th World Tour” one of the world’s most famous musicians of our time, Sting, will perform on September, 17th in Belgrade.

Sting’s return to Belgrade

Belgrade Arena will be honoured once again to host the extraordinary musician, the living legend of rock, pop and jazz sound, the famous English gentleman and bass player Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, world-renown for his stage name – Sting.

This is not the first time Sting is in Serbian capital. In different arrangements and occasions, Sting has performed before the Belgrade audience three times, starting from 2008 Usce concert with his band The Police, then he took part in Guitar Art Fest in 2009 and finally, the 2011 Arena concert where he played his well-known melodies supported by symphonic orchestra.
This time, the fourth one in total before the Serbian audience, Sting will give to all his fans the opportunity to enjoy the much beloved melodies in his primary music arrangement – the rock and pop sound.


Even though Sting is, quite justly, expected to have another fantastic and utterly professional tour, judging by the already held and sold out concerts in North America, Europe, South America and Mexico, as well as by the comments of fans who attended these concerts, the fans in Belgrade will indeed experience fantastic performance.

In addition to the concerts held so far and excellent reviews of the current tour, perhaps the best guarantee of what we’re going to see is the band accompanying Sting in this tour. They are all his long-time companions, the guitar players Dominic and Rufus Miller, a fantastic drummer Josh Freese, a famous accordion player Percy Cardona, and Joe Sumner, the multi-instrumentalist and Sting’s eldest son.

If you still haven’t got the tickets for this superb music event in Belgrade Arena, you should by all means hurry, as the concert is nearly sold-out.

If you’re not from Belgrade and you’re coming here for this concert only, we recommend that you check out the website and browse through the huge offer of apartments in New Belgrade and get yourself comfortable accommodation where you can fully relax after the evening partying and peacefully sum up the impressions of this unique music event.

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