Summer open-air cinemas

Open-air cinemas are an ideal way for Belgrade movie goers to cool off under the bright summer sky by watching cult films.

Summer open-air cinemas

A real hot and long summer with its charms came to Belgrade. Belgrade citizens are cooling at numerous pools, rivers and lakes. There are also Košutnjak and Zvezdara, Belgrade famous forests which can get you some relief in these hot days. Still, what can you do outside these areas of nature? Those in charge of organizing entertainment in Belgrade always come up with something new and are dedicated in their jobs. So, open-air cinemas are a part of the various contents like bathing sites, music festivals, different entertainment and cultural programs.

In the evening, when summer heat becomes a bit more bearable and walkers finally flock to the streets, cinema lovers gather in special venues, made specifically for this purpose, in order to watch some interesting films, surrounded by this unique environment. Relaxed, surrounded by pleasant people, visitors of various profiles and different age, with different interests and habits, calmly find their place in front of the screen and wait for the projection to start.


Street film festival Filmstreet has been organized in Belgrade every summer since 2011. Depending on weather conditions, this festival starts showing films already in June all the way to September. Filmstreet brings the best achievements of the world cinema, which you can’t often watch at other cinemas. It takes place in many locations in Belgrade, where a well-trained team, under different conditions, creates memorable atmosphere. So, numerous achievements of the seventh art can be seen at some of the favorite locations in the city, such as: Zemun Quay, Belgrade Port, Studentski park, Cvetni trg, Tašmajdan. People always ask for an extra chair for Filmstreet, so the more experienced visitors of this festival tend to bring rugs, pads and other auxiliary equipment with them in order to make themselves comfortable no matter whether they are with friends, alone or with their four-legged pets. They usually have a pre-prepared refreshment to drink while watching a good movie. We witness a passionate relationship that exists between the lovers of the seventh art and Filmstreet, so even if it is late at night or the temperature is a bit colder, or a sudden shower happens, visitors remain in their places and wait for a long expected show.

If you are keen on Robert Altman, Woody Allen, Carlos Rodriguez, David Lynch or Wim Wenders or you just simply like watching a good movie outside the indoor malls, which are often the only solution, you can visit the summer scene of Zvezda independent cinema third year in a row. This cinema is located in the city center – at Terazije street, and its regular projections start at 21.15. Special projections start at 00:16 so this is another extraordinary way to freshen up and end another hot summer day in Belgrade.


During July, August and September, the Open Air Cinema will be held in the Tašmajdan park and on the platform of the Sava Promenade. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, starting at 21.00 under the bright summer sky, high-quality films of different genres are shown both for classics lovers and for lovers of modern films, too. suggests to all its guests, if it happens that during a relaxing evening walk they come across a large group of people, along with a cheerful murmur and drinks, expecting a projection of a film classic under the open Belgrade sky, that they should find a comfortable seat and be a part of this rather unique experience of film art.

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