The Belgrade Days 2018 - Belgrade timeline

Each year in the period from 16-19 April, our capital is home to „The Belgrade Days“, the holiday which celebrates the relevance and turbulent past of our beloved city.

The Belgrade Days 2018 - Belgrade timeline

Each city in the world has its own day, the day it was founded, marked by a significant cultural or historical event. This year, the Belgrade days will be celebrated under the motto „Belgrade timeline“.

Until recently, Belgrade used to celebrate 20th October as its remeberance day, as this was the day it was liberated from Germany during the Second World War. The historians, however, found that the month of April is more relevant in terms of history of Belgrade, and the period from 16-19 April should be celebrated as the „Belgrade days“.

The reason why this particular period in the month of April was declared as the most important for the city is twofold. First of all, the Slavic name of the city – Beograd, was first mentioned in the official records dating back to 16 April 878. Another reason is that the last Turkish pasha, the commander of Belgrade during the Ottoman occupation, on 19 April 1867 handed over the keys of the city to prince Mihajlo Obrenovic, and after three centruries of occupation, Belgrade again became the Serbian city. The 150-year anniversary of this genuinely remarkable historical event was celebrated last year.

During this holiday period in Belgrade, different events are to take place all across Belgrade – exhibitions, lectures, debates – open for all the residents and visitors who will be able to witness the historical importance of our city and its glorious past.


Among the numerous events during this year’s celebration, we should recommend the performance of the well-known ensemble of the Ministry of Defence – „Stanislav Binicki“ which is to take the stage on 16 April at 17h, at the Republic Square. Also, there will be a number of organised tours and lectures on different topics about the history of Belgrade, with particular attention drawn on Kalemegdan Fortress. Everyone who would like to attend these tours will be provided a free access and a tour of this famous fortress on 17th April, as a part of group tour which starts at 12h, 14h and 16h from the French Memorial Monument at Kalemegdan.

This is just a small portion of events which will take place in Belgrade during the celebration days. Novi apartmani invites you to find out more about this year’s events at the official web sites and social networks of the event. You can do all of this right from the apartment which you can pick at our web site. This time, we recommend that you find a section Strict city centre apartments and pick ideal accommodation which will be in the immediate vicinity to the historical city centre, which will allow you to get to all these locations in no time and enjoy these fantastic events.

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