The last round of Cold Beer in Belgrade

Hladno pivo, one of the most popular regional bands will perform their last big Belgrade concert on 15 October at Belexpo center!

The last round of Cold Beer in Belgrade

We admit, the title really sounds apocalyptic and disturbing. However, for fans of rock and punk music it definitely is, because one of the biggest regional bands "Hladno pivo" from Zagreb will go on a longer hiatus.

Mile Kekin, the band's iconic front-man, will focus on his solo career and other socially responsible projects in the coming years, while the rest of the band, consisting of Suba, Zoki, Deda and Shoki, will continue working together and engage through the project "Guerilla Mainstream“.

The band "Hladno pivo" was formed back in 1987 in the Zagreb suburb of Gajnica, releasing their first demo-album already in 1989. The following years brought new albums and live performances, which made the band more and more popular. In 1994, they were the opening act for the legendary Ramones at their concert in Zagreb.

After the situation calmed down in the region during late nineties and the beginning of the 2000s, "Hladno pivo" is becoming more and more recognized in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it is gaining great popularity over time. Since its early days, Mile Kekin and the rest of the band have been very active in the field of social responsibility, and eagerly express their critical views towards the ruling structures, first of all in Croatia, and then in the region and beyond, in their own unique way.

The sound of most of their albums is characterized by a simple punk-rock style, somewhat softened by a more receptive Rock sound on their last couple of albums.

The last Belgrade concert before a long hiatus will take place on October 15, 2022, at the Belekspo Center in New Belgrade.

This concert was announced almost unexpectedly, knowing that the band held two sold-out concerts in Barutana relatively recently and at the just finished Beer Fest. If you happen to miss this concert, you will have to follow Mile and the team to Rijeka, Ljubljana, Maribor, Sarajevo and Zagreb, while the last concert will be held in the officially smallest city in the world - Hum in Istria.

If you are a genuine fan of Mile Kekin, or you are a fan of Hladno pivo in any form, you simply have to visit this concert.

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