The Music night at Tasmajdan stadium

On the first September night starting at 20.30h, the refurbished Tasmajdan stadium in Belgrade will host the second „Music Night“event.

The Music night at Tasmajdan stadium

“The Music Night” is another festival organized by Belgrade for its beloved residents and numerous tourists. This event will take place for the second year in a row at the stadium Tasmajdan.

This year the event kicks off on September, 01 at 20.30h, and according to the last year experience, we can all expect to see and hear fantastic music programme. Belgrade residents have already shown enormous interest for the event, and this is what may have been the only complaint to the organisers of the last year’s event – simply there was not enough room for all visitors, and out of 15 thousand people who came to watch this captivating open-air event, nearly a third of them remained outside the Tasmajdan gates. Despite the lack of capacity of this popular venue, the organisers refused to change the location for this year, explaining that this venue is simply ideal for such an event, and that moving to a more spacious location, such as Usce area, wouldn’t further contribute to the appeal of the entire festival. However, the organisers gave their best to overcome the issue, and all interested people will be able to watch this music festival from different locations in Belgrade via video projectors. Also, there will be the live coverage of the entire festival on the national television service.


The virtuous notes of the RTS Symphony orchestra and RTS Choir, conducted by maestro Bojan Sudjic, will take you all around the world, to more than twenty countries of Europe, the USA, the Far and Middle East and finally return to Serbia, followed with authentic sounds of our Serbian music. The organisers have also announced several special guests from home and abroad, however, only one special guest has been revealed so far – the well-known children choir Kolibri. They will definitely revive the childhood memories in most of us, but also charm the very few listeners who have not had the opportunity to see them before. The names of other participants are still kept as a secret and a pleasant surprise for all music lovers in Belgrade.

The organisers have stated that this event is gradually evolving into a traditional festival which will reposition Belgrade as a world city, along with Vienna, Berlin, New York and London, and that Belgrade is on a good way to become what it used to be, quite justly, the cultural capital of South-east Europe.

Web site recommends that you take a walk to Tasmajdan stadium and enjoy in at least a bit of this unique music event.

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