The petrol heads ready to hit the road

All genuine lovers of cars and cool wind in their hair are in the starting blocks. From March 22-28 Belgrade will host the BG Car Show and Motopassion 2018.

The petrol heads ready to hit the road

All Belgrade lovers of 4 and 2-wheel machines, as well as everything that comes along, are anxious to have a week dedicated to their greatest passion. This is all about the Belgrade car and motorcycle show event, held every year under the roof of the Belgrade Fair. An interesting fact about the Belgrade car show is that each year we have different organizers. In 2017, Belgrade Fair organized the International Car Show, while this year the BG Car Show and Motopassion are organized by the Serbian association of importers of vehicles and parts, as is the case every other year.

Considering the solid sales results from the Serbian importers and car sellers, and the overall rise in the sales of new cars during the year 2017, the world manufacturers and their representatives in Serbia take this event very seriously. That’s why the representatives of well-known car brands will present the entire range of their products to the Serbian public, potential buyers and professionals, offering attractive presentation and unique scenography.

This year’s BG Car Show and Motopassion will be best presented through numbers: 10 halls of the Belgrade Fair will host around 350 presenters from 20 countries worldwide, with more than 50 car brands who will, alongside the existing models, offer more than 40 brand new models which were exhibited in the past year. On the other hand, Motopassion will present more than 40 motorcycle manufacturers of different brands worldwide and ATV vehicles.

By following the world trends in car and motorcycle industry and striving to promote the advanced technical and technological systems, during the event particular attention will be focused on the further progress in developing the alternative engines and new concepts in hybrid and electric engines.


For all the visitors who not only intend to get to know the world trends in the car and motorcycle industry, but also want to get a new best 4-wheel friend, BG Car Show and Motopassion is an ideal place to be. Most traders have prepared the special discounts for this occasion, which will make your purchase much easier and affordable. Banks and leasing companies have also prepared the special terms and conditions to enable the potential buyers to get their new vehicle as easy as possible.

Finally, we mustn’t forget another important feature of this event which largely contributes to the appeal of this, predominantly male special day. Of course, we’re talking about gorgeous hostesses, who will definitely draw your attention, similar to the one drawn by the “work of art on wheels”, next to which these lovely girls are standing.

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