The science festival 2017

This 11th Science Festival is once again the regional science-and-fun hot spot for visitors of all ages talking about the importance of science in an interesting way.

The science festival 2017

Belgrade hosts once again an unusual event worth mentioning and visiting. This is all about the Science Festival, the largest regional science festival, held for the 11th year in a row from 14-17 December at Belgrade Fair and is a genuine science party for all ages.  

"One on One" is the motto of this year’s event, which really underlines the true meaning and purpose of this festival – all the visitors, and particularly the youngest ones, will have the opportunity to get a first-hand experience of different scientific experiments and dive into unforgettable scientific adventures. This is the ultimately interesting and charming way for them to become familiar with some of the main scientific principles, which the youngest visitors will definitely find appealing, and who knows, maybe one day some of them will get to love some areas of science.

During the festival, which grows bigger in size and offer every year, there will be more than a thousand different experiments, lectures, exhibitions and interactive scientific installations.

The festival covers four different areas of science – the natural sciences, social sciences, technology and medicine, and within each of these areas, there will be numerous interactive scientific installations which will definitely draw attention of all visitors.

From this really generous festival offer, we would like to single out the interactive installation “Experience your virtual reality”, where all the visitors will be able to sense the spectacular VR experience, while seated in a special 4D chair. Also, there will be the installation “Lego inventions” where the advanced robot models of this famous and popular toy for all ages and times will be used to demonstrate and explain in practice the fundamental principles of robotics. Finally, although it’s very hard to single out only three interactive installations, we’ve decided to recommend the installation “Mars Up Close”, where you’ll be able, through virtual reality, to simulate walking on the red planed in low-gravity, or landing onto this planet, and in the end, this will be the unique opportunity for all of you to be photographed surrounded by genuine Martian environment.

We from Novi apartmani will by all means take our kids over there (although we’re also keen on doing and seeing a lot on this festival), and we recommend you do the same. Who’s ever been at least once at this festival, knows all too well what I’m talking about, however, the festival offer has got bigger and better in the meantime.

For all of you who are visiting Belgrade from 14-17 December, we strongly recommend that you check out this festival. Your apartment may be located in Vračar, New Belgrade, City centre or Banovo brdo, however, Belgrade Fair is easily reached. Check out some of the links above and go through the huge list of our apartments and choose the one that suits best for you and your family.

See you at the Science Festival!

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