The Search for Santa - now in Belgrade

On December 24, the MTS hall will feature a family play that will be enjoyed by everyone - "The Search for Santa“.

The Search for Santa - now in Belgrade

To prepare the atmosphere for the upcoming New Year's holidays, a fantastic family theater play "The Search for Santa" will be held.
It is an original work by director Jovan Grujić, written by Ana Simić and Marija Ćeranić, which describes the adventures of Jelkica Jela and Grandma Claus, while looking for Santa Claus.

The plot of the play indeed sounds quite tense! On New Year's Eve, the Old Year refuses to end, and thus hypnotizes and takes Santa Claus to sleep, to prevent him from going to every home and sharing the gifts to the children. When Grandma Claus realizes in the morning that Santa Claus is missing, she immediately harnesses the reindeer and together with Jelkica Jela sets off on a journey around the world in search of Santa Claus.

In this good-humored and exciting play, along with a creatively designed set and entertaining video projections that will draw the attention of all the young spectators, there is also original music composed by Marko Nikolić and Milan Vranešević, and the children, together with the actors will be brought to a trip to distant parts of the world, unusual countries, where we all will meet new cultures and people.

The cast of this unusual adventure consists of: Marija Ćeranić, Danijela Tanasković, Nikola Krneta, Milan Vranešević, Marko Nikolić.

New Year's holidays are certainly that part of the year that is equally enjoyed by everyone - both the little ones and the elderly. "The Search for Santa" is thus an ideal opportunity for all generations to enjoy, relax and spend great time together.
If you are planning to attend this fantastic play, and you live outside of Belgrade, we suggest that you first pick an apartment in the section Center that will perfectly suit all your family members. After that, the only thing left for you is to fully relax and enjoy the upcoming New Year holidays.

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