Time for another FEST

From February 23 – March 4, Belgrade will host the 46th FEST, one of the most relevant cultural events in Belgrade dedicated to art of cinematography.

Time for another FEST

Looking at the chart of most relevant cultural events in Belgrade, the film festival FEST is undoubtedly among the highest ranked and this year, for the 46th time, it comes to life again in cinema halls of our capital.
The slogan of this year’s event is „Come closer“, and the film which will mark the official opening of this fantastic festival is „Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri“ as a co-production of the UK/USA. Considering the superb work of the director and screenwriter Martin McDonagh and the main actors Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell, many prominent names from the world film industry believe this is one of the best movies made during the last year. In addition to the categories of best picture, best original screenplay, best actress in a leading role, best actor in a supporting role, the film is also a contender for Oscar award in the category of best editing and best original score.

In addition to 10 films which were nominated last year in several categories for the Oscar award, this year’s event will feature another 116 films. Considering the number of films, the major issue for the festival audience, just like every year, will be how to make the best selection among this extraordinary list and pick a number of best films to watch.

For all the long queues and enormous number of visitors each year standing in front of a box office on the day the tickets are officially on sold, this year the organizers decided to allow the purchase of tickets online, which is a welcome development which now follows the technology era and at the same time allows immense number of cinema-goers to get their tickets for their favourite movies in a rather comfortable manner.

We should also note several other films which, based on the opinion of our local film enthusiasts, are definitely worth watching. „The Shape of Water“ is contender for as many as 13 Oscar awards, the film directed by Guillermo del Toro about an incredible story taking place in the USA government laboratory during the Cold War.
The first-time nominee for the best director award is a young director Greta Gerwig, which is a very intriguing fact for both the film professionals in the country and abroad. She directed „The Lady Bird“, the film which will be featured during this year’s FEST programme.

Some other nominees included in the programme this year is, among others, „Phantom Thread“ by Paul Thomas Anderson, with Daniel Day Lewis in the main role. Then there is Luca Guadagnino’s „Call Me by Your Name“, as well as „Roman J.Israel, Esq.“ with Denzel Washington in the main role, directed by Dan Gilroy.
The films above will be featured as a part of COMPETITION PROGRAMME, including the film“Racer and the Jailbird”, a love story directed by Belgian director Michael Roskam, familiar to the worldwide audience for his popular „crime“ movie genre.

As a part of the non-competition programme, within the MAIN PROGRAMME – OUT OF COMPETITION, you can enjoy the film “Martyr”, the Italian-Lebanese co-production, with high aestheticism and visual focus on water and male body. Also, don’t miss the „Jupiter’s Moon“, directed by Kornél Mundruczó, and „The Forgiven“, directed by Roland Joffé. We should also mention here the Chinese film „Legend of the Demon Cat“ and some other works of film art featured during the festival, however, in such a case this text would definitely turn into a novel, which is not exactly our goal. We do, however, want to stress that very few films screened during the FEST will be included in regular cinema repertoire, or will have enough seeders on some of torrent web sites (for all of you who still resort to piracy when it comes to watching a movie), so you should by all means use this unique opportunity and check out these films in some of the iconic Belgrade cinemas.

If you are one of the passionate cinema-goers who will come to Belgrade specifically for this festival, we from Novi apartmani can strongly recommend that you should check out our web site, and particularly the section New Belgrade and pick one of the fantastic apartments near the Sava centre, the central and traditional venue of this festival and make yourself comfortable during these ten fantastic days dedicated to the festival. On the other hand, if you are a guest in our city staying here during the FEST event, we suggest that you take some time off and check out at least one film, for pure enjoyment. If you’ve never been in the city which is at the confluence of two rivers, now is the perfect time. Do enjoy Belgrade which in this period turns into a centre of film art, with all the glamour that fits it so well.

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