EXIT festival 2019

Another EXIT is taking place, one of the most beloved and famous music festivals, in charming Novi Sad, only 1 hour of driving from Belgrade, in the period from 4-7 July.

EXIT festival 2019

Exit Festival 2019 is welcoming you once again at the Petrovaradin Fortress. From 4 – 7 July you’ll be able to see and hear some well-known names in the music industry, from pop, jazz, punk, hip-hop and the world’s best electro sounds. This unique and fantastic venue which has been home to this festival ever since 2000 has made this event an indeed special occasion among the festival goers. This 19th century fortress has given the organisers the possibility to set up an enormous number of stages for tens of thousands of visitors tirelessly cruising across the festval area every day.

In the last 18 years, some of the best European and world music names, starting from the iconic rock and punk bands to the most awarded DJs have had the opportunity to perform before our audience.

This year will be remembered by a fantastic surprise for all of us, and this is the arrival of The Cure, the legendary band that is going to perform for the first time in Serbia. This great band will perform on the very first day, and judging by the repertoire from their concerts, this should be the spectacular and memorable event. All the visitors will be able to, for the first time in Serbia, listen to the hit songs, such as "Friday I’m in Love", "Lovesong", "Pictures of You", "In Between Days", "Boys Don’t Cry", "Close to Me", "Love Cats", "Just Like Heaven" and many others.


The fact that the Cure is performing in Serbia for the first time ever, it may seem that the first festival day will be by far the most popular one among the local crowd, and additionally, we have plenty of visitors from abroad announced already.

The concert of this famous band was definitely announced as the most unexpected and fantastic surprise of the Exit festival, however, there are so many other fantastic performers who deserve no less of a treatment and they will perform on the main stages of the festival. Some of them are definitely the techno master Carl Cox, duet Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Amercian rockstar Greta Van Fleet and many other local, regional and global music stars.

Although there is a lot to choose in Belgrade at all times and at any time of the year, the quality and tradition of this festival, coupled with the fact that Petrovaradin is less than an hour from here, we are obliged to suggest to all Belgrade visitors and the lovers of a genuine partying experience, outstanding concerts and art in general, that they should take at least one whole day (and night) and visit this local (but global, as well) event, located only 90km from the Serbian capital.

See you at EXIT!

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