Guča festival 2018

A small Serbian town is once again turning into a capital of rhythm and vibrant trumpet sound with the famous Dragacevo festival taking place from 9-12 August.

Guča festival 2018

A small town in western Serbia has become a proper synonym for a trumpet festival which regularly takes place every year. No wonder, as the festival brings around a million visitors from other parts of Serbia and all around the world to this small town with no more than two thousand residents. Of course, this is all about Guca and the famous Dragacevo trumpet festival. This year the festival is to take place from 9-12 August.

Dragacevo trumpet festival in Guca is a traditional brass festival, known all around the globe and unique for its programme, superb performers, competition programme and other events that make the overall offer even more appealing. The event has a rich history around it, dating back to ruler Milos Obrenovic who in 1831 formed the army brass orchestra. This made the trumpet more appealing to the wider population and has since been the inherent part of folklore and tradition in all parts of Serbia.

Since the first festival in 1961, more and more people are coming to Guca, including the world famous performers, fans of trumpet sound and numerous tourists around the world looking for good fun and partying. This year is the 58th Guca festival, and the organisers promise a very interesting four-day programme you simply should not miss.

With plenty of cultural and artistic events, the concerts of last year winners, you will also be able to attend the competition programme, the parade of participants and the last day is reserved for a surprise concert.
In addition to some of the most prominent trumpet performers, such as Dejan Petrović, Boban Marković, Ekrem Mamutović and Saša Krstić, rumour has it that one of the most popular Yugoslav singers and a heart-breaker Zdravko Čolić will also be there. It is quite reasonable to expect that he should be the surprise guest for the last evening, but we’ll have to wait and see this ourselves.

In addition to great programme, fantastic music and unforgettable concerts of trumpet masters, the Dragacevo festival and Guca are more than well-known for its fantastic atmosphere, partying in the streets, delicious food, lamb, pork and veal meat, barbecue and cooked cabbage, including the rakija and beer – these are the most common associations for anyone who has ever heard of Guca. This lively atmosphere and great partying throughout the night are the reason why so many visitors keep returning to Guca year after year.

For a genuine experience, you’ll have to see the rest yourself. This is why the web site recommends to all its guests to, if staying in Belgrade during this period, find some time and head to this famous festival and experience Serbia with all their senses. Whether you love the sound of trumpet or not, this kind of partying is indeed a unique experience and an unforgettable memory.

So, see you in Guca!

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