Mountain Music Fest - Festival just outside Belgrade

Mountain Music Fest is a music festival that takes place from 21sst to 22nd August on the gentle mountain Divčibare, easily reachable from Belgrade.

Mountain Music Fest - Festival just outside Belgrade

All things considered, the events this summer will have to be relocated, even for fans of clubbing, and the best entertainment will take place in outdoor areas.

Why not?

For years now, there’s a music festival organized at quite a unique place, reserved for all those who like to be outdoors, in nature, on the mountain. The music festival "Mountain Music Fest" will be held in the period from August 21st to 22nd, 2020 at Divčibare mountain.

An all-day music festival intended for young people, families and children, adventurer seekers, athletes, people from creative industries and even adrenaline lovers will be held on the Crni vrh ski slope. The diverse events, as well as the unique and beautiful nature, makes this festival indeed different and special.
The organizers of the festival also emphasize the care they dedicate to environment protection, but also to the safety of visitors. The fact that this plateau is located at 980 meters above sea level will make the time spent in this place very pleasant and refreshing. With that in mind, you should definitely take some sweatshirt and some warm clothes with you, especially for the evening hours. The festival also includes some events intended for children, and for those who would like to take their pet with them, it is important to point out that this festival is pet friendly.


The performers will perform on three stages: Main Stage, Vinyl Stage and Bukva Stage and among them are the legendary and well-known composer, author and performer Rambo Amadeus, known for his combination of different and entirely incompatible music genres, as well as his satirical lyrics. The band Svemirko, whose music is described as contemporary pop music, thanks to the interesting sound, lyrics and his performance, gained a lot of affection from the audience from the entire region. The band Deca loših muzičara, formed way back in 1988, will also perform on the Main Stage.

This energetic band, with an interesting and high-quality sound, will play some of their well-known hits. On the day of the festival, Stereo Banana, Lost Propelleros, Dram, Timbe, White City Soul, Gypsy Jazz Trio will also perform, each of which will definitely give a proper contribution to a great time at this music event.

If you are planning to visit Belgrade this summer, and you are a fan of high-quality sound and fresh air, Novi apartmani really recommends that you definitely include "Mountain Music Fest" in your schedule for this summer. Divcibare is a gentle and enjoyable mountain located very close to Belgrade, which can be reached in just an hour of easy driving.

That’s why, choose your ideal accommodation in Belgrade and take at least one day to visit this festival and enjoy the mountain air and superb alternative sound. Of course, once finished, do come back for another „round“ of Belgrade!

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