Music festivals in Serbia

Music festivals are perfect to hang out with your friends and enjoy great music and we keep coming back to them as they bring new experiences and memorable moments.

Music festivals in Serbia

Music and music festivals are immensely popular in Serbia and in particular during summer. Favourite pastime of many of us in hot summer nights is hanging out with our friends and listening to some good music, accompanied by cold beer and cocktails. But what makes music such an important and integral part of almost every social event? Music connects us, that’s for sure, and raises our spirits and boosts our inspiration. Music makes us express and soak up emotions. Music teaches us, cures, makes us move and feel motivated.

The very origin of music is not a straightforward one as the roots of this, perhaps, the most popular form of art date back to ancient civilisations and first humans. Did our remote ancestors use music expression as a primitive communication method, or as a love call? In religious rites music has always been immensely important and pivotal. Much later on, the performance of complex music pieces was reserved for a very limited group of people who could afford this, however, the genuine folk and country music was widespread and seen at various events.

Nowadays, due to a rapid development of technology and internet, music is available almost everywhere. Whatever you may like – a specific music genre, a favourite musician or a classical piece of art – it’s only a few clicks away.


Even though the favourite melodies are omnipresent and easily accessible, music has not lost any of its relevance. Quite the contrary, we can still hear different popular and perhaps a bit forgotten genres everywhere. Music comes as a mandatory integral part in all shopping centres, sales areas, exhibition spaces, waiting rooms and even at city promenades and beach areas. It is almost unimaginable to drive a car without listening to music. Students listen to music while preparing for their exams, and housewives while preparing lunch and doing the house chores.

Today we know that music not only makes us happier, but also stimulates better memory, concentration and has a soothing effect, even on the kids’ brains. And this is a kind of an answer to the question why music is important. Music undoubtedly provides it all and we’re feeling addicted to all of this. Music makes us feel better, more complete and happier.

Finally, after we’ve seen the importance and influence of music, we can go back to music festivals which take place every summer. Starting from Zajecar guitar festival, Exit fest at Petrovaradin fortress, the Trumpet Festival in Guca, all the way to Beer Fest, traditionally held at Usce grounds, whichever festival you choose, we can assure you – you won’t regret. The offer of music festivals in Serbia is very diverse and rich, and even affordable, which we can also say about the offer of accommodation that you can find in Belgrade.

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