Serbia among the best tourist destinations

A well-known portal Lonely Planet placed Serbia among top 10 regions to visit next year.

Serbia among the best tourist destinations

Lonely planet, one of the leading online travel portals, for its jubilee marking the magazine’s 50th anniversary, published a list of 50 best world travel destinations in five categories, and Serbia has already found its place there, among 10 best regions to visit in 2024. Our country is an integral part of the cycling program "Western Balkans' Trans Dinarica Cycling Route". Apart from Serbia, this route also passes through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and North Macedonia.

This new cycling route starts in Slovenia and ends in Serbia and covers the route of 2,000 kilometers of beautiful landscapes, but also complex terrains that experienced cyclists especially know how to appreciate.
Along the route, cyclists will have the opportunity to ride on diverse paths that pass through mountainous areas, national parks, UNESCO sites and numerous other interesting sites, all with a special focus on sustainable tourism in the region.

The "Serbian part" of the cycling route "Trans Dinarica" is nearly 350 kilometers long. The route starts near the town of Tutin, then passes through Sandžak, all the way to Novi Pazar, Sjenica and the special nature reserve Uvac. The path then leads to Zlatibor mountain and the ethno-village "Drvengrad", and the Serbian part of the route ends on the banks of the Drina River in Bajina Bašta.

On this map, you will also find local pension accommodation, and the portal Novi apartmani invites all the cyclists to, if time allows this, extend their route a bit and stop by Belgrade, the Serbian capital, which certainly has a lot to offer. Just a couple of years ago, this same magazine recognized Belgrade as the top destination in the world for nightlife. That is why we suggest that you definitely visit Belgrade, where you will relax and gather much-needed energy to continue your demanding journey.

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Enjoy the beauty of Serbia, as well as the exciting offer of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, which has stood proudly at the crossroads of civilizations for more than 2,500 years and which offers its guests an unforgettable adventure.

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