10 destinations for hiking from Belgrade - Part 1

This is the part one of Novi apartmani top 10 for all people fond of nature, hiking and enjoyment in the pristine beauty of Serbia just outside Belgrade.

10 destinations for hiking from Belgrade - Part 1

For so many nature lovers, hiking and a long walk in untouched nature is the proper way to relax and pile up some positive energy. For this reason, Novi apartmani provides you with another top 10 list, and this time we are focusing on places that can be reached quickly from Belgrade, which is why this is an ideal all-day activity. Also, we will not mention the destinations such as Kosmaj, Fruška Gora and the like, which we have recently mentioned in our blog and which really are the well-known localities.

Deliblato Sands

Deliblato Sands is located in southern Banat and is perfect for all those who are looking for easy walking tours without much uphill walking. It may be interesting to learn that this is the largest sand area in Europe, covering 35,000 hectares with dunes up to 200 meters high! The most well-known walking tour is to Zagajička hills, which is 15 kilometers long, with elevations of up to 200 meters and which lasts approximately 4.5 hours.

Gradac gorge

Below the mountain Povlen is one of the cleanest rivers in Serbia - the river Gradac. This river is located about 5 kilometers from Valjevo and is truly a paradise for all nature lovers.
The Gradac gorge is well-known for its spacious forest areas, perfect scenery, as well as the river Gradac itself. This locality offers magnificent peace that will attract all genuine nature lovers. The walking and hiking tour through this gorge is about 12 kilometers long with an elevation of 300 meters and can be described as easy. The duration of the tour is approximately 5 hours


Rajac is also a part of Valjevo's untouched nature. It belongs to the mountain Suvobor and its peak Rajac is located at 848 meters above sea level. This is a tame oasis rich in meadows and forests with deciduous trees and many natural springs. Rajac also has slightly more demanding trails covering almost 50 kilometers, but for average hikers and nature lovers, if you’re looking for a one-day relaxation, we suggest taking an easier 18-kilometer tour with an elevation of 500 meters which lasts around 6 hours.


There is another destination for hiking tours in the area around Valjevo. This is Divčibare, a plateau on the Maljen mountain. This famous tourist destination, only 100 km away from Belgrade, can be reached very quickly and easily. For hiking purposes, there are numerous marked hiking trails, and for a one-day tour we suggest taking a 15-kilometer trail of medium difficulty that goes all the way to the highest peak of Maljen - Kraljev sto, 1104 meters high. The elevation of this trail is 800 meters, and the approximate duration of the walk is about 6 hours.


30 kilometers from Valjevo is Povlen, the highest mountain in the Valjevo region. Its peak Mali Povlen with 1347 meters is the ultimate goal, but there are also many other trails. This time, we will recommend a medium-easy trail, about 10 kilometers long, which takes 5 hours to cover. The elevation is 650 meters and the trail will definitely be a real pleasure for many hiking fans.

This is the first part of our list. Until we publish the second part, try and visit at least one of these destinations. It’s worth it, we guarantee! Of course, if you need accommodation in Belgrade, before you set out to visit the capital of Serbia, find the perfect Belgrade base on the website of Novi apartmani and enjoy the comfort you deserve at a very reasonable price. See the section Apartments with Jacuzzi and feel the exquisite comfort of a mini spa center reserved just for you.

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