20 less known facts about the Serbs and Serbia

The text below has no intention whatsoever to provide you with any relevant information on important events in Belgrade, but rather to entertain you, while you’re busy looking for your ideal accommoda

20 less known facts about the Serbs and Serbia

Very user-friendly and sleek, the web site of Novi apartmani offers hundreds of apartments in Belgrade, so some users, and especially the indecisive ones, tend to make a short break in their search quest. This is when they often visit the blog section, the place where you can find plenty of useful texts which may help all the guests and less experienced Belgrade residents to find and enjoy some of the amenities of this generous city.

Today, however, this is not the case. Today we want to entertain you a bit. All nations in the world have their own fun facts and events which took place throughout the past (or perhaps the stories and legends which passed on from one generation to another), including the Serbs. This kind of stories, if compiled, would comprise the whole encyclopedia, so we from www.noviapartmani.com have prepared a list of fun facts that we thought you may find amusing. Of course, you are free to check the credibility of all the statements below and do take them with a pinch of salt, especially if you’d like to use them as a reference.
So, let’s get started.

1. Did you know that Stockholm is the only city in Europe with more colleges than Belgrade? Unfortunately, this does not necessarily imply that Belgrade residents are the most educated people in Europe.

2. It may seem somewhat unimaginable, but the statistics say that Jovan Petrovic is the second most common name in Europe, immediately after John Smith.

3. Serbia is home to three mushrooms which, when combined with sour milk, turn into a powerful hallucinogen, and they are all fully legal. Blog section of Novi apartmani will not reveal which mushrooms are in question, due to possible abuse of information, but you will admit that this information is quite incredible.

4. Equally incredible as the fact that our monks in monasteries until late 19th century used to grow hash for personal consumption??!!??

5. The following information that we came across are not so unreasonable. A group of scientists at an institute in Frankfurt used a number of quantum statistical models only to find that the Serbs are the people with the highest number of missed historical opportunities.

6. Did you know that the French cognac and Serbian brandy used to be the only allowed alcohol beverages in the US federal state of Vermont during the prohibition time? We had no clue about this and we admit that this is an interesting fact, but we would prefer if we were not the nation with the highest number of missed historical opportunities.

7. The very first bottle of Coca Cola that arrived in Serbia was brought by famous Mihailo Pupin in 1899.

8. You’ll be doomed for 7 years of bad luck if you break a mirror. Although this superstition may seem to have originated from some Northern fairy tale, however, the origin of this superstition is the town of Kladovo and this belief spread uncontrollably worldwide??!!??

9. Some of you will beam with excitement, while some others will prove you’re wrong, but Serbia, Russia and Moldova are the only European countries with no (legally known ) CIA bases.

10. One of the most prominent Serbian statesmen Nikola Pasic, before taking over this duty, used to be the owner of the first taxi company in Belgrade which used carriages.

11. The famous Belgrade hotel Moskva was named after Vasilije Moskva, a prominent yet not so famous Russian banker and benefactor, who was born in Sevastopol.

12. During the reign of King Milan, Serbia used to be the only country in the world with a permanent theatre in five cities (and now refer to point 5 once again).

13. The well-known Autokomanda area in Belgrade got its name as the army barracks used to be in this area, including the block of garages for military vehicles and mechanic workshops.

14. Rome was built on 7 and Belgrade on 32 hills. Cycling is far from being a relaxing activity here, unless you’re situated in New Belgrade.

15. Everyone in Belgrade knows where the New Cemetery is in Ruzveltova street, but no one is sure about the ‘Old Cemetery’. This may be your daily walking tour as it used to be in the Tasmajdan area. Don’t worry, it was relocated in entirety, or at least they say so.

16. Traditional Serbian čvarci (pork rinds) is the only food which can be sold in Denmark without being subject to a strict sanitary control beforehand??!!??

17. The hair dye exported to the Serbian market has less red pigment in it as our hair already has plenty of it. Whether this is the reason, or the fact that red pigment is by far the most expensive one, this is the question for hair dressers and experts in this field.

18. Did you know that in 1822, the city of Smederevo used to be home to the first ever tavern in Europe which introduced the smoking and no—smoking areas for guests (refer to item no.5 once again…).

19. Belgrade residents that have lived through all three bombing attacks are the old oak at the Cvetni trg square and Muja, the famous alligator in Belgrade Zoo.

20. In Belgrade catacombs underneath Kalemegdan fortress and Kosancicev venac locality, you can come across an albino spider. You need not worry because it’s not venomous.

We hope this was relaxing and amusing. Now it’s time to go back to the original search quest. We suggest that you single out a part of the city you would like to stay in and then find an apartment which would suit your needs and wishes. Novi apartmani wishes you an enjoyable stay in Belgrade!

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