An ideal day in Belgrade

Summer is coming in Belgrade, and given the improved epidemiological situation, this summer should be the most similar to the ones we are used to.

An ideal day in Belgrade

All of you who will visit the capital of Serbia this summer will have the opportunity to finalize all your preparatory work on the web site of Novi apartmani. You will not only book affordable, comfortable and modern accommodation in a superb location in Belgrade, but you will also find out a number of important and service information, as well as the information that will make your stay in Belgrade unforgettable. Just check out our BLOG section because we regularly publish useful texts in order to bring all our guests closer to some, sometimes hidden, beauties of our city and share our experiences with you.

The summer days have come, and the epidemiological situation in Belgrade and Serbia is getting better every day, so we have created a list of proposals for you on how to plan a SUMMER DAY IN BELGRADE.


You wake up fresh and well-rested in your apartment… You raise the blinds and see an ideal summer day unfolding in front of you… Although almost every our apartment is equipped with a kettle and instant coffee, and there are more and more of those with top espresso machines, we still suggest you have the best experience and head to one of the many cafes where you will enjoy a fantastic coffee, often prepared by a top barista, as well as an authentic Belgrade morning. We from Novi apartmani prefer to go the rivers of Belgrade in the morning hours and enjoy coffee at a quiet river cafe, and then have breakfast and start our perfect Belgrade day.


After the coffee and delicious breakfast, your Belgrade adventure is waiting for you. We suggest that you head to one of the many cultural and historical sites where you will get to know first-hand the turbulent and exciting past of Belgrade. The choice is vast and depending on your preferences and interests, we suggest that you start exploring some of the buildings located in the very center of Belgrade, the buildings that have seen the turbulent historical events of Belgrade and Serbia. Kalemegdan Fortress is always a good choice for all visitors fond of history, but also nature, because Kalemegdan is a kind of open-air museum, ideal even during this sensitive pandemic time. Novi apartmani also suggest that you visit some of our parks in Belgrade, and if you are a true nature lover, Belgrade also offers a couple of real gems for you. There are Zvezdarska and Banjica forests, but also the wonderful Kosutnjak, where you will enjoy every second of the day filled with peace and positive energy. We must not forget Ada Ciganlija beach that is more than just a lake, but also provides you with an active vacation, ideal for burning the calories of breakfast in the morning.


Are you done with an exciting history lesson and an active stay in nature? Now you deserve to enjoy the gastronomic specialties and authentic taste of the Balkans. Therefore, we suggest you visit some of the fantastic national and traditional restaurants located in Skadarlija street, an authentic and unique place, a symbol of hedonism and Belgrade social life of the nineteenth century in this area. Whichever restaurant you choose, you won't go wrong. If you still prefer well-known international cuisines, or want to feel something new, head to Beton Hall where you will treat your sense of taste right next to the Sava River.

Along with gourmet specialties, we definitely recommend that you combine one of the many wines from these regions, the famous Serbian brandy, or cold draft beer.


After you have properly refreshed yourself and enjoyed the fantastic tastes from the kitchen of famous Belgrade restaurants, it's time for some sweets. On the way back to your apartment, stop by one of the many pastry shops and try some of the authentic sweets from this area, treats that have their origins in the Ottoman Empire, the well-known pastry chefs. Tulumbas, baklavas, tufahija, walnuts… it doesn't matter what you choose, as you will be overcome with the sweet, irresistible taste of these delicacies. If you want to play safe, in the main pedestrian zones you will find many places where you can enjoy a real Italian "gelato" in some of the gelato bars and gelaterias that can be found in almost all popular locations in the city in the last few years.


After a hard day, it's time to return to your comfortable apartment, relax and gather extra energy to continue enjoying the charms of Belgrade.

If you have opted for some of the apartments from the section APARTMENTS WITH JACUZZI on the website, the vacation will be complemented with the relaxing waves of the hydromassage bathtub whose bubbles will completely revitalize and prepare you for an evening out. Don't worry, you will have time to rest well, as Belgrade never sleeps. Although the epidemiological situation is getting better and better, it is still necessary to follow all service information regarding the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and enjoy the “Balkan Fun Capital” in a safe way.


Countless cafes, restaurants, clubs, pubs, river clubs and other locations are available every night to all entertainment and nightlife lovers.

It is up to you to choose the type of entertainment you prefer and an unforgettable experience is guaranteed. However, due to the overall situation, we should all pay due attention to COVID-19 and act in accordance with the epidemiological situation. The end of the virus that marked the last year of all of us is near, but it has not been defeated yet. Enjoy Belgrade in a responsible way.

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