Another autumn in Belgrade ahead

Belgrade is the city that is always nice to walk around, even during autumn days, as despite the weather forecast, the city’s energy will produce positive vibes.

Another autumn in Belgrade ahead

Summer is definitely leaving us and we are slowly preparing for autumn. All outdoor swimming pools were closed some time ago, the daytime became much shorter and the nights are no longer warm and pleasant for summer clothes. While it may be perceived by many as a gloomy period that only announces the upcoming winter, autumn does not always need to look so depressing.

This is especially true for the Serbian capital! Belgrade offers so many places where you can spend fun and colorful autumn days and you don't even have to feel the chill of autumn evenings, because you can indulge in the charms of bohemian life.

Autumn is indeed one of the favorite seasons of true romantics who enjoy long walks together in the autumn rain. At least that's what the research says, and all of us who may not recognize ourselves in this activity (because romance is perfectly fine without special clothes, shoes and other accessories) can still enjoy this season, especially if we are in Belgrade.

Even during those gloomy autumn days, Belgrade still has its own unique energy and no one can see any traces of the fatigue and dissatisfaction on the faces of our guests. Numerous central promenades and meeting places in Belgrade, such as Knez Mihailova Street, Kalemegdan Fortress, Dorćol and Vračar areas are swarming with people and they will be happy to feel every single ray of sun while enjoying the garden of one of the capital's cafes. What's more, many tourists increasingly prefer autumn to visit Belgrade, when they can tour around the city peacefully, without melting in scorching summer heat.

A bit unfavorable weather forecast is also an excellent opportunity to visit some of the numerous museums and other cultural and educational institutions that will tell an interesting and exciting story about Belgrade and our region.
And when the weather outside is nice, it's worth using it for a walk around the Zoo, Košutnjak forest, Topcider area, or some other natural monuments in Belgrade, and of course you can also enjoy active holiday activities at Ada Ciganlija beach and long walks along the promenades of the Sava and Danube.

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Enjoy the autumn!

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