Belgrade cakes and candies

Famous cities around the world are often proud of their sweets and candies made by well-known confectionery chefs for decades, and Belgrade is not at all lagging behind.

Belgrade cakes and candies

The sweetest and one of the oldest family businesses in Serbia and all around the world is definitely making cakes and sweets. This sweet craft somehow makes the easiest bond between all generations. When touring around the candy shops and patisseries, you will hear the stories about grandchildren who inherited stores and crafts from their grandparents. A lot of skilled housewives, after so many years spent making the sweets for their family members, tend to make a serious business out of this seemingly simple job and open up modern patisseries, attracting thousands of people. Belgrade indeed offers hundreds of places where you can enjoy most diverse candies and cakes. From modern sweets and cakes, healthy sugar-free, gluten-free candies to traditional taste that only tulumbas, baklavas and urmašice can provide...

The environment where the candies, cakes and sweets are served is well-recognizable, well-lit, clean, unique and creative. The store windows already suggest the beautiful environment which no one can resist. But, the owners are trying hard even more to make the best possible, interesting and intriguing environment to attract their customers to visit them again, even for a cup of coffee.

Some of the best and most famous patisseries can be found everywhere in Belgrade, and the best ones are in Dorcol, Vracar and Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard. There’s New Belgrade as well and the central streets of the old part of the city. If you’d like to have a nice cake or candy, your search for good candy stores is not going to be hard at all. The choice will be difficult, however, for those who are indecisive and tend to have a great deal of thinking.


Here are some of the candy stores and patisseries that we think are worth mentioning, famous for their excellence, rather than for their offer.

Patisserie „Pelivan“ is mentioned in the famous Ivo Andric’s novel „Znakovi pored puta“. This is the oldest patisserie in Belgrade founded in 1851. The owners proudly mention that the Karadjordjevic family used to be their regular customers and this is the place that even today attracts a lot of Belgrade visitors. It’s located in Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard, right across the main post office building, at a very attractive location and very well known to everyone.

„Bombondžija“ is the oldest store for producing the candies, owned by the Bosiljcic family. The grandfather of the current owners opened the store after he finished learning the confectionery craft in 1930s. Branislav Bosiljcic opened the store and passed on his knowledge to his son and grandsons. Even today, this store is making all those candies that we all forgot about. Hand-made and hand-cut ratluk (lokum), with unique and irresistible taste is made every day, including colourful candies, milk caramels, lollipops, sweet pipes and many other fantastic candies.

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