Belgrade district of fun and nightlife

The abandoned beer factory in Cetinjska street gave rise to a small urban quarter which is increasingly attractive to local and foreign lovers of alternative culture.

Belgrade district of fun and nightlife

As in all metrolpolises around the world, Belgrade is also facing an unusual trend where a small quarter grows overnight into an urban area packed with bars and clubs. Some 15 years ago, this was typical of Strahinjica bana street, then it was (and it is still) the Savamala area, and a few years ago, the backyard of an old and abandoned beer factory with decrepit buildings and warehouses turned into a hot spot of alternative music and overall, Belgrade art scene.

In the early days, three or four bars moved to this yard, somewhat unpretentiously, and transformed this worn out area into a wonderful hidden resort for Belgrade residents and all the tourists looking for good alternative, rock and indie sounds. Soon afterwards, however, around fifteen different clubs and cafes moved in and have so far had immense sucess by organising fantastic gigs and art nights. If you’ve ever been to Berlin, you’ll definitely say the Cetinjska street is a part of Berlin in Belgrade!

This unique area of Belgrade is home to the biggest beer pub SubBeerni centar, and a number of other prominent clubs, such as Zaokret, Polet, Dvorištance, Elektropionir and many others. There are also plenty of cafes, as perfect locations for you to start a great night out.

On the other hand, no matter how thrilled all fans of art and good music (electronic or guitar) may be that this kind of urban oasis is here at hand as a counter reaction to the mainstream pop and folk clubs, the residents of nearby buildings are, to an extent quite justly, far from being so keen on the noise and crowd this kind of venue typically produces. We do hope, however, that the disagreement will be sorted out to the mutual satisfaction, as we need to be aware that places like these are very popular gathering places and improve the Belgrade tourist offer.

If you’re a proper fan of art, a libertarian looking for a great night out and something entirely different from the popular mainstream music, Novi apartmani suggest that you should by all means spend a night, or even one whole day, immersed in this unique environment. If places like these is what you’re looking for and at the same time, you would rather not think of how you will get home, we recommend that you check out the apartments near Cetinjska street. If you’d prefer a bit of luxury, we can recommend the apartment Heart City, right across Skadarlija street, the old bohemian Belgrade quarter, so you’ll be able to get first-hand experience and feel the atmosphere of the old times, along with progressive and contemporary artistic influence which is so typical of Cetinjska street. Whatever you may choose, fun is absolutely guaranteed!

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