Belgrade for children

With its diverse offer, Belgrade can offer proper entertainment to anyone, including its youngest visitors, who will enjoy its numerous sights.

Belgrade for children

In Belgrade, a city full of extremes and unusual scenes, where the good and the bad stand side by side as the happiest couple in the world, one thing is constant and always present. Once the first rays of sunshine appear and the city is awaken with beautiful weather, children's buzzing noises, screaming and laughter become more and more prevalent.

Belgrade people just love spending their time outside with their children. Because of this, there are many micro-sites in the city where children come with their parents and grandparents to spend time. On some special occasions, children are taken to the Zoo, or museums for example.

More often, children just run around, climb around and giggle at parks, playgrounds, picnic areas, or in so-called "pampers" cafes. Yes, the fact is, we all love to be outside, and fortunately, Belgrade has a lot of and with the new climate changes, even more and more sunny and warm days.

For example, Ada Ciganlija used to be a picnic area for the summer period and children on school holidays. Now, both shores of the lake start swarming within minutes even in the winter months, encouraged by warm or sunny weekends, or with the very first signs of spring.

Waiters at cafés usually have a problem serving all those guests who seem to have had the sun breathing some optimism and a serious dose of adrenaline within them. Kids love to ride scooters, rollerblades, bikes, play with balls, or just throw pebbles into the water. Their play with dogs on the beach, for example, is a wondreful sight for everyone's eyes and a soul.

Many café owners came up with the idea of setting slides, swings and sand pools so parents could enjoy coffee and drinks while the kids play around tirelessly, surrounded by always new friends and energy. There are really many places like this in the city. In addition to Ada Ciganlija beach, there are Kosutnjak and Topcider, Tasmajdan, then Usce, Zemun river promenade or Sava quay.


However, if you are coming to Belgrade with a firm plan and want to make use of your and your children’s time and visit the sights of the city which would be suitable for them, Novi Apartmani can suggest a number of popular destinations where your kids will enjoy and learn something new.

For the overall enjoyment and a great time of the whole family, the Zoo is definitely the first place. This is a place where children can see a variety of intriguing animals from the wild, from birds and snakes to white lions and bears, as well as feed them, or fondle them in a specially designated area called the Baby Zoo. What is very interesting is that the Zoo itself is actually part of the Belgrade Fortress, which in itself is a sufficient attraction of interest to both toddlers and adults.

Museums. For children the most interesting will definitely be the Museum of Illusions. A place where children will learn more about some of the secrets of our senses, perception and the human brain. There is also a Museum of Science and Technology whose permanent exhibition will be more than interesting for children of all ages. The exhibitions "Man and Technology", "Toy Gallery", "Science Workshop" and others will be of interest to both children and their parents.

Enjoyable spring days are ahead, so do plan your own „spring break“ on time. Before you head to Belgrade together with your family, check out the web site of Novi apartmani, and in the section Strict centre pick an apartment which will meet all the needs of your family.

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