Belgrade preparations for upcoming holidays

As in all other major cities, Belgrade is also preparing for the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays by installing attractive lights and decorations.

Belgrade preparations for upcoming holidays

In most European countries, setting up New Year lights and decorations usually starts quite early, often even two months before the actual New Year's Eve. There are several reasons for this. First of all, New Year's street decorations play an important role in creating a positive mood, reminding us of the upcoming holiday, festive atmosphere and a period when we are supposed to be relaxed. This visual spectacle also reminds people of New Year's joys such as meals, gifts, travel, surprises, love, new beginnings and meeting loved ones.

In addition, New Year lighting has another aspect – boosting the euphoria to encourage shopping. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially considering that this is the time of year when gifts are traditionally bought. This is why it is wise to plan and start preparations on time, so that we can enjoy this period and improve our holiday experience as much as possible.

Every year, here in Belgrade we witness some newly-installed decorations as we pass across the city's bridges full of heavy traffic and walk through its streets. New Year decorations on squares and roundabouts are usually high and visible from afar, with thousands of lights creating a magical atmosphere and forming the memorable image of decorated Christmas trees. As expected, figures such as Santa Claus, large New Year's packages, giant illuminated reindeer, sleighs and Snow Men dominate the overall atmosphere.

New Year's lighting on buildings can be white or multi-colored, sometimes even in the form of LED screens that broadcast advertisements throughout the year, but during the New Year period they also serve as decoration. Although often the subject of discussion among local residents, Belgrade's New Year's Eve definitely attracts foreign tourists. With abundant decorations, music genres, exquisite local food and unforgettable atmosphere, which can hardly be matched in any other European capital – this all attracts more and more tourists every year. Although European cities do try to attract tourists with their authentic New Year's lighting, few manage to achieve such an irresistible atmosphere.

We in Novi apartmani do believe that Belgrade manages to succeed in this almost every year, because the New Year's Eve in Belgrade is not only about having a great time. It is also a pleasure for all our senses - tourists will enjoy the sights and at the same time, enjoy the most delicious Serbian specialties at relatively reasonable prices.

This year, our capital will be decorated from December 15 until January 15. Let's enjoy the colorful and cheerful atmosphere for which Belgrade is known all around the world.

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