Belgrade spring

Spring has arrived, a favorite season for many of us, and in our opinion, the period of the year that is the most suitable for touring the large and diverse city of Belgrade.

Belgrade spring

Nature cannot be stopped, no matter what. It knows nothing about COVID-19, about emergencies, lockdowns and everything we have survived in the previous year. Similarly, the seasons will change just as they have always done. Now it's time for spring, a magical season in which everything wakes up again and comes to life. Spring means restarting and that is why this time of year should awaken optimism within us and new forces that will help us feel better and overcome all problems, which is extremely important especially at this moment!

We in Novi apartmani believe, as well as many of our fellow citizens, that Belgrade is somehow the most beautiful in springtime. The strange past winter that has often kept us scared in our homes is finally behind us. It is now time to continue living responsibly, go out in the streets of this ancient city and enjoy the first rays of the sun. In the end, it is these sun rays that we need very much because they produce this, now, all too well-known vitamin D, which is our very important ally in combating this plague called the corona virus.

In the first days of spring, ignoring the fact that favorite cafes and restaurants are still working with limited capacity due to a well-known situation, most fellow citizens go to well-known places and enjoy nature and outdoor socializing responsibly with their loved ones, family members, partner, dog or solo.

One of the main locations is certainly Ada Ciganlija area, a favorite promenade of Belgrade residents, and this COVID 19 spring, Ada Ciganlija is ready to welcome its guests. Cafes and restaurants are working limited hours, but some of them have managed to offer their coffee and other beverages in the "takeaway" variant, but all services for renting bicycles, rollerblades and other means whose business is definitely thriving are completely ready. As for the courts and pitches, the outdoor ones are working just fine, while under the balloons the rules are a little different, but they can also be used in slightly changed circumstances. Volleyball, basketball, tennis and golf courts are refreshed and ready for enjoyment and memorable sports competitions.

Belgrade visitors often go to Kalemegdan fortress, an unavoidable location where every host in Belgrade will take you. The fortress, monuments, church, wonderful park, a perfect view, as well as the place where the two great rivers meet, have been attracting all visitors to Belgrade for centuries. Kalemegdan fortress is so much of that and must be seen at least once.

Admirers of religion will visit the Temple of Saint Sava, walk around the Karadjordjev Park and Vracar area. The promenade on Ušće that leads you to Zemun and the Zemun promenade is for many people a place of relaxation and meditation.

For those who prefer forest and altitude, there is of course Kosutnjak forest. The green, spacious, beautifully landscaped forest park intended for athletes, walkers and everyone who loves nature has especially become very popular during the pandemic.

There are also some new locations in Belgrade, like the Sava Promenade which really offers a lot to do and enjoy despite the fact that very popular restaurants are currently working limited hours. The location will be especially enjoyed by the youngest citizens and guests, given that along this promenade there are numerous modern, completely safe and extremely fun children's playgrounds.

In any case, for those who live in this city, as well as for all its visitors, regardless of COVID-19, the opportunity to enjoy is many, and spring is definitely the right time for it.

Therefore, if for any reason you plan to visit the Serbian capital in these first days of spring, just like a proper Belgrade resident, take off your jacket, thick sweater and boots and go catch the first rays of the sun in some of the numerous Belgrade locations and feel that unique Belgrade ZEN, pleasure and experience the life to the fullest.

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Enjoy the Belgrade spring!

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