Belgrade Street Food guide

Belgrade guests are often amazed with the Serbian capital, its cuisine and in particular the offer of street food.

Belgrade Street Food guide

Ask anyone who’s ever been to Belgrade and Serbia about the most distinctive feature of the Serbian people or their hosts, and you’ll definitely hear something of the following: the Serbian people are hospitable, smiling and cheerful, keen on partying and having good time. What they definitely enjoy in is, among other things, good food and a table full of tasty specialities, simple local-made sweets and strong drinks. As modern-age living has put on quite a pace, and especially in big cities, the time available for proper enjoyment in eating at the table comes very rare. However, we’re not giving up on a good bite so easily.

That’s why in Belgrade, the city of 2 million residents where everyone is running around, at every corner you can find a kiosk, a store, a stall or some other form of delicious fast food sales arrangement. Fast food and street food is prepared and sold in all shapes and sizes, suitable for everyone’s taste.

One of the streets in the vicinity of popular river night clubs in New Belgrade is titled „the Hunger Street“, as after an unforgettable night out, all the guests stop by here for a quick bite before going to sleep. It’s really hard to list all you can eat here in this favourite Belgrade food street, but you can check out some of the following meals.

His majesty the barbecue

Yes, this is by far the most important and popular means of satisfying your hunger in Belgrade. Pljeskavica (burger-like patty dish) and ćevapi (grilled minced meat rolls) are at the top of this list which also includes a wide range of barbecue specialities – rolled meat, sausages, liver. Barbecue is served with a lot of side dishes which makes the taste even better and always unique. This may include chopped onions, cabbage and tomato, urnebes salad (spicy pepper and cheese mix), mustard, piquant and hot appetizers. Dry and ground hot chilli peppers, served alongside barbecue will set your tongue and palate on fire.



Lately, Belgrade people have become really crazy for burgers and there are more and more places in Belgrade where you can grab a quick burger. Onion rings are a must and there are also a lot of side dishes to choose as well, including French fries and sauce. The quality of meat used for burgers is definitely what makes Belgrade stand from the rest. The Serbian people are used to the taste of high-quality and proper meat, and this goes not only for burgers.

Pizza in all ways you can imagine

Pizza cut into slices is the unavoidable part of Belgrade street food offer and you can buy it pretty much anywhere. Our pizza chefs can make you a pizza from the ingredients you would not normally expect - chicken meat or steak, perhaps? Or maybe you’d prefer a sweet pizza? For those who are more tradition-oriented, you can choose from the classical variants made from indeed high-quality ingredients and well-prepared dough. One of the most popular pizza shops which sells pizza slices „over the counter“ is the famous „Bucko“ in Francuska street, right in the city centre. Pizza slices were first sold in Belgrade by the pizza shop „Orao“ in the Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard, and apart from these there are so many others and they all compete with their diverse and high-quality offer.


Pancakes are always present in street food menus and although their popularity may decline over the years, pancakes are always among the top choices. Many of us are fans of the common, home-made pancakes that come with all sorts of different fillings – cheese, ham, smoked ham or nutella. Wishing to expand their offer, Belgrade pancake shops also offer breaded pancakes baked in oven. All of you who are fans of American pancakes are not forgotten – this perfect dessert is becoming more and more popular in many pancake shops in the city. Even if you don’t come across any pancake shop in the street, don’t worry as pancakes are normally found in the menus of pizza shops and other fast food stores.


Although you may not have planned a hefty and calorie-rich meal, but the smell of nearby bakeries will lure you and make you break the rules and grab some delicious pastry, pie or burek. There are so many bakeries around here and all of them make the well-known burek in a number of different ways. The most popular one is the one with meat or cheese, but there are many others you can enjoy in, such as the one with no filling, or with mushrooms and other ingredients. Burek is best when served hot and you should eat it with your fingers while drinking cold yoghurt. Good bakeries and burek are not found in city centre only, but in all other parts of Belgrade as well, because our people cannot help enjoying themselves from time to time in perfect burek.

Vegan street food

Although the Serbian people still cherish meat as the dominant ingredient in their nutrition, the things in this area are changing slowly and the restaurants are starting to offer vegan and vegetarian dishes. There are even the specialised restaurants for this kind of meals, and vegan food even made it out in the streets, so all of you who are taking due care of your health can treat yourselves properly. One of the examples is the restaurant „Zdravo živo“, offering take-out meals and ready-made products. This restaurant prepares meals from fresh fruit and vegetables and also fresh natural juices, super foods and everything that is healthy, useful and recommended for all of us.

This is not the end of course, as all of you who are fond of Lebanese, Israeli, Greek and Asian cuisine will find so many falafels, gyros pies, sushi meals and other specialities in take away packaging.

Spend your time well in Belgrade, strolling along the streets and recharge your batteries with delicious bites that you’ll definitely remember for good.

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