Belgrade underground world

To get to know the ultimate history of Belgrade and hear about its unforgettable stories, sometimes you need to dig under the surface of this ancient European metropolis.

Belgrade underground world

When you wish to hear the story about the place that was the birth place of Vinca culture and the first urban settlement in Europe some 7.5 thousand years ago, and this is exactly where you’re standing at, you should head to and attend the Belgrade underground tour, lead by a group of guides and local enthusiasts.

Each weekend throughout the year a tour takes place „Meet the Belgrade underground world“ starting from probably the Belgrade’s most visited location – the Kalemegdan Fortress. Even great many locals don’t even know that underneath this famous fortress lies a number of locations of historical relevance, which is interesting for not only the ones who are fond of history, but of mysticism and stories and legends from the distant past. Right on this place, above the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, you can find the meeting and clash point of many cultures, leaving their traces behind their conquests. There are many traces of the Romans, the first Christians, Byzantine people, Bulgarians, Turkish and Austrian Empire and Serbs.

The tour „Meet the Belgrade underground world“ is organised in English and Serbian language, lasts for 2.5 hours and includes refreshment and wine. The tour starts in front of the Kalemegdan fortress, below the Monument of Gratitude to France. Then you will visit the Roman Well, which dates back to 3 centuries ago, during the Austrian rule of this area, and speaks a lot about the history of this city. Then it’s time to find out a place which until some ten years ago was an official army secret, and this is the military bunker, entirely hidden from the public and served as an important air-defence point. The tour continues to the Big gunpowder warehouse. This is the artificial cave around 300 years old with Roman monuments which were built in the period from 1st - 4th century. The end of the tour includes a visit to Wine dungeons located below Karadjordjeva street, where you can enjoy your refreshment and wine along with the stories about the bohemian life in these areas. The tour takes place on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and the price is more than affordable.

Another tour is planned to be organised soon and it’s about the mysterios Tasmajdan caves. The caves used to be a stone mine used by the Romans and afterwards by the Turks. There are historical records speaking about the size of this area which, during turbulent times of Belgrade history, was often used as the civilian and army shelter.

There are so many other underground locations in Belgrade presented on various exhibitions and based on the books, such as „Beograd ispod Beograda (Belgrade underneath Belgrade)“, making this part of the history and secrets from the city past so appealing to all fans of mysticism. There’s the underground corridors in Zemun from the 18th and 19th century, the secret military complex under Bezanijska kosa which was used for defence during WW2, the chambers and corridors in Kalvarija, the area in Rakovica, a former industrial strong point of Belgrade, then there are Kosmaj and Avala mountains with mines which used to be packed with people engaged in hard work, even in B.C. times. There are so many stories like these, and we can only wait to see what sorts of tours and visits will be organised by the local enthusiasts and fans of „the city underneath the city“ atmosphere.

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