Belgrade winter is almost there

You may disagree, but winter is a favourite season for many people who like to enjoy so many outdoor activities.

Belgrade winter is almost there

We still vividly remember this year's summer holidays, however, the fact is that we are deep in autumn season, and we are almost on the verge of winter. Every year, as December approaches, the excitement rises as just around the corner, there are so many holidays waiting for us - such as New Year and Christmas, and there is snow, as well, giving us so much winter fun - sledding, skiing, skating and numerous other crazy activities that only snow and winter low temperatures can provide.

These activities are especially suitable during this COVID-19 pandemic time, as most of them are performed outside, while skilled cafe and restaurant owners will take care and make their gardens warm and comfortable. For all the guests fond of wintertime, Novi apartmani recommend some of the many locations in Belgrade that you will definitely enjoy.

One of the must-visit locations is certainly Ada Ciganlija beach, a favorite promenade of Belgrade residents and a place where you can enjoy an active lifestyle throughout the year. In line with the epidemiological measures, cafes and restaurants are ready to welcome their guests. As far as outdoor activities are concerned, the exact schedule has not been released yet, but it is reasonable to expect that many additional facilities will be ready for this winter, such as the skating rink, which has always been popular among the visitors.

Another popular location is Kalemegdan fortress, a place that everyone who is staying here for more than two days will definitely visit. The fortress, monuments, church, neat and organized park, the lookout spot, as well as the confluence of two great rivers, have attracted visitors to Belgrade for centuries. Kalemegdan offers really a lot and must be visited at least once.

The plateau in front of the St. Sava Temple is also very vivid in wintertime, and since you are already there, take a stroll through the entire Karadjordje Park and Vracar area.
Of course, the promenade along the Ušće area is very popular and will take you all the way to Zemun and the Zemun river promenade, which can also be interesting during winter. Of course, as you’ll be walking near the river, make sure you dress adequately. Cold weather, however, is nothing compared to what the great Danube can offer.


For those who prefer forest and high altitude, make sure you visit the Kosutnjak area. Spacious and beautifully landscaped, this forest park is intended for athletes, strollers and everyone who loves true nature, which gets a total new look during the winter.

Anyway, for those who live in this city, as well as for those who come to visit it, regardless of COVID-19, there are many opportunities to enjoy, and winter is definitely the proper time for that.

Therefore, if you’re planning to visit the Serbian capital during wintertime, just like a regular Belgrader, dress in layers – keep your winter sweaters ready and head to some of many locations in the city and feel that unique Belgrade zen, a feeling of enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment in life.

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