Belville residential area - „a lovely city“ with lovely apartments

Belville residential area - „a lovely city“ with lovely apartments

Belville is a modern residential area located in New Belgrade, and more specifically, in Block 67. The area was built not long ago: the construction works started in 2007, and in 2009 the first keys were handed over.

Where did Belville get its name from?

The name of this urban area comes from the word Belville, or in French “a lovely city” (belle – lovely; ville – city). The Belgrade Belville was named after some several cities and areas around the world. The most numerous are those in France, USA and Canada which is home to the largest Belville in the world with more than 90 thousand residents. Also, Belville is one of the renown urban parts in Paris, the area where the Chinese quarter is located and also a birth place of a famous French chanteuse Edith Piaf.

Where is Belville located?

Despite being significantly smaller in size than its counterparts abroad, our Belville is not in any way behind them, in terms of appearance and functionality and justifies rightly the name given to it. The area is located between Jurija Gagarina street, Dr Agostina Neta, Djordje Stanojevića and Španskih boraca street, and encompasses a series of residential and corporate buildings. Also, the area of Belville with almost 14ha, encompasses a well-known shopping mall „Delta City“, as well as numerous cafés and restaurants. Belville amenities are various, and you can find all sorts of beauty salons, fitness and spa centers, and other places, such as foreign language studios, travel agencies, dentists, laundries, rent-a-car services, etc. In addition to the above, the modern structure of Belville area also includes vast green areas ideal for relaxation and enjoyment.
Belville is located in the very heart of New Belgrade and is very-well connected to other parts. Near Delta City, you have a tram stop for lines 7, 9L and 13 which can easily drop you off to city centre, and the bus stop for lines 89, 95, E1, E2 and E3, which connect Belville to other parts of the city.
When speaking about Belville itself, as already mentioned, it is a very modern and urban residential area. It consists of a complex of two corporate and fourteen residential buildings, offering 1858 apartments of different sizes, from studios to four bedroom luxury apartments, some of which being part of our offer (later on in the text). Each apartment in Belville area was built in accordance with the most contemporary standards and highest quality. This is the reason why Belville area was selected to accommodate the participants of the 2009 University Games.
In addition to above, there are around 2000 parking spots in Belville, both inside the garages and on-street, so you will have to opportunity leave your car wherever you want.

Apartments in Belville for daily renting 

When talking about the offer of apartments in Belville for daily renting, our guests may choose some of the following:
Apartment Tifany is a comfortable two-room apartment with modern interior on the 9th floor in a residential building. It is highly functional, has a security lock door, high ceiling, large windows, oak floors and two elevators.


Apartment Comfort is also a two-room apartment and is located on the 8th floor. The apartment has pleasant and comfortable interior as the name suggests. There is a very modern and fully equipped kitchen, and there is also a terrace. The fold out sofa and double bed are brand new, as well as other elements of this apartment.


Apartment Zumbul (Hyacinth) is another two-room apartment, named after the building it is located in (buildings in Belville are named after flowers). Just like apartment Comfort, it has a modern kitchen, bathroom and a terrace, as well as spacious living room.

beograd-novi beograd-apartman-zumbul

Apartment Alex is another two-room apartment in Belville area that we can offer you. Just like the previous ones, apartment Alex is also a modern and bright apartment. Also, when furnishing the apartment, all the tiny details were taken care of, so this apartment offers a great comfort and enjoyment.


Apartment Maslačak (Dandelion), named after the building it is located in, has similar characteristics as the apartment above. There is modern and brand new furniture, and the kitchen makes a separate room.


Apartment Đina, also located in the Dandelion building, offers pleasant atmosphere, ideal for enjoyment. There are two TV sets, high-quality furniture, and colours and other details are hand picked and very tasteful.


Apartment Delta City, named after the nearby shopping center, has lovely interior: brand new furniture, high quality decorations, and great natural brightness. There is also a terrace offering a wonderful view.

Apartment Belville Krin, offers a free parking spot, but also the two TV sets, fully-equipped kitchen with the dish washer and a nice terrace.


Apartment Elegance has free parking available, but also a spacious living room, a neat bedroom with a double bed. This apartment, as its name suggests, offers elegance and tasteful interior.

beograd-novi beograd-apartman-elegance

Whichever apartment you may choose, you won’t regret, as Belville is one of the most modern and functional residential areas in Belgrade. Simply perfect for your stay.

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