Boat riding across Belgrade

Residents of Belgrade and its guests may soon use boats to get round the city, just like by regular public transportation buses, thus avoiding traffic jams in our capital.

Boat riding across Belgrade

As announced by the city authorities, public city traffic will soon include boats, in addition to trams, trolleys and Beovoz train! In this way, residents of Belgrade and all the guests of the Serbian capital, whose number is increasing all the time, will have the opportunity to be transported from one place to another in a very efficient, fast, yet attractive way, thus avoiding traffic rush-hours and standard traffic jams typical of Belgrade.

The initial idea is to ease the growing and often unbearable public traffic congestion in Belgrade, at least for a while, until the first metro line is completed, but also to create a highly efficient way to connect the entire route, starting from Obrenovac to Grocka. The river navigation lines will primarily reflect the needs of Belgrade residents and this type of transport will be fully integrated within the existing GSP system. Also, the stops (ports) for boats will be directly connected to other lines of public transport, so this whole river transport mechanism will be fully streamlined.

Due to the complexity and general characteristics of river vessels, stops, i.e. ports where passengers would enter and exit, must not be placed within 800 meters, but at a significantly greater distance, but proper efforts will be taken to establish this system which should coexist within the existing GSP system.

As this system is not only an efficient, but also a very attractive way to travel across the city, Novi apartmani supports this idea, which is not entirely new, but dates back decades ago. There are even some private initiatives and arrangements that operate during the summer months and successfully connect the New Belgrade residential blocks with Ada Ciganlija beach. Two large and navigable rivers are immense wealth and Belgrade, with its 200 km of extremely underused coasts, really deserves that this issue is resolved as soon as possible. We hope that this is not yet another example of political rhetoric, but that, even during this year, the first GSP boats will be put into operation and will successfully take us by river to work.

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