By the beautiful blue Danube, the Belgrade way

The Danube is not only a geographical term of great importance for all the places through which it flows, but it is also the way of life of all who live in its vicinity.

By the beautiful blue Danube, the Belgrade way

When we talk about areas for swimming, rivers and lakes, we somehow mostly have in mind the locations that offer cafes, restaurants, river clubs where visitors enjoy the shade or the sun with a drink, whichever suits them best.

In the past, the time we spent by the water did not necessarily include catering facilities, but families with children, couples, schoolchildren would all come together to spend a day at the beach, or an afternoon on a relaxing trip. Of course, they would bring with them the refreshments, tasty and fast (but healthier) food, as well as the necessary equipment for fun. Therefore, in addition to swimming, which the children definitely enjoyed the most, entertainment was also found in the form of various summer sports, games, but also the preparation of barbecue and similar fun activities. Watermelon, or tomato, was also an indispensable part of this image.

When we talk about the Serbian capital, in the past, many people could not afford to travel to the sea, so they spent their summers by rivers and lakes instead. As Belgrade is located on the banks of two large rivers - the Sava and the Danube, places for water activities are numerous. When we talk about the Sava, the most important location for swimming is certainly Ada Ciganlija beach.

However, the Danube offers something else and those who like the proper river experience will come to one of the Danube beaches. One of the most popular even today is the Lido beach. It is located on the war island, in Zemun, and is probably the only place on this island that is visited by a large number of people. A floating bridge leads from the Zemun quay to Lido, and is a safe connection between the two. The organizers provide all the necessary conditions such as drinking water, disinfection, rescue service and ambulance, as well as walking tours around the island.

On the right bank of the Danube, near Pancevo, there is Bela stena river island. This river ada, mostly not urbanized, although with a few catering facilities, can be reached by boats from Višnjica area. On the left bank of the Danube, also near Pancevo, you can find Ivanovo beach. A bit closer to Belgrade, in Borča municipality, there is a pebble beach Sprudovi. A bit further from Belgrade, there are many other beaches which are very popular among locals, but also among visitors who come from other places. We will leave you to explore all of these locations, and we may even write about them in one of the following texts. In any case, our suggestion for you is to cool off during these hot summer days at one of the beaches by the famous river that has surrounded the shores of this ancient city for centuries.

If you’re planning to visit Belgrade during these summer days, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the charms of the Danube beaches. You don't even have to swim, just feel that unique atmosphere that Belgrade people have always enjoyed. If you decide to choose some of the apartments from the section apartments with jacuzzi ( ), you will definitely cool off and relax in this accommodation at affordable prices. You will enjoy the luxury just like in a private spa center.

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