Changes in Belgrade zone parking system

On 18th February 2019 several changes were introduced in the zone parking system in Belgrade.

Changes in Belgrade zone parking system

From its very beginning, web site Novi Apartmani has been trying to provide as many relevant and useful tips and advice to all Belgrade visitors, and by doing so we wanted to make your stay in our capital just as perfect as you imagined.
We do sincerely hope you would rather avoid unnecessary fuss at the border, all because of an unpaid parking fine, so be aware of some of the changes that we wanted to share with you below.

The zone parking system now has an option for “extended parking duration”, which practically means that after the available (limited) parking time has expired, that is, one hour in the red zone, two hours in the yellow zone and three hours in the green zone, all drivers will now be able to pay for an additional parking duration.

Parking system in red zone will now enable additional 30 minutes, and the yellow and green zones will enable additional 60 minutes each. The prices of regular zone parking remained unchanged – 56 dinars for the red zone, 48 dinars for the yellow and 41 dinars for the green zone, while the additional 30 minutes in the red zone will be charged 100 dinars, and an additional hour in the yellow and green zones will be 180 and 100 dinars respectively.

The price of this additional third hour is destimulating and is far from being affordable, however, it is still significantly less expensive than the Daily parking fine which is same for all the zones – 1,870 dinars.
The major development in this area is the introduction of an entirely new parking zone – the Zone A.
Zone A spreads across the streets surrounding Kosancicev venac area, the old city centre and parking duration is limited to 30 minutes which will be charged 100 dinars.

We sincerely hope that you will remember this piece of information in case you’re arriving by car. Perhaps it would be wise and practical that while looking for accommodation in the web site Novi apartmani, you do also check out the apartments with a parking lot, and forget about the zone system, fines and similar arrangements. This is the best possible solution for you to properly enjoy Belgrade.

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