Exhibitions in Belgrade galleries and museums

Regardless of viruses, pandemics and other diseases, art will never cease to exist, especially in Belgrade, the art capital of the entire region.

Exhibitions in Belgrade galleries and museums

When it comes to art and culture, Belgrade will definitely take one of the most important places in the entire region. As the capital of Serbia, Belgrade is in the heart of all the most prominent cultural and artistic events, but also the seat of the most relevant national institutions where this sphere of social life actually comes to life. In addition to the major state institutions (the National Theater, the National Museum, the National Library, the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the National University), many other cultural institutions have found their place in Belgrade in an attempt to meet the vast cultural and artistic needs of Belgrade audience, and to accommodate the production of huge number of artists and culture workers. The city of Belgrade alone is the founder of over thirty such institutions, but also the patron of numerous events in the field of culture and art, which year after year tend to reinstate their importance and greatness, by gathering artists not only locally but also from the regional level, as well as artists from all over Europe and worldwide.

Faced with the conditions that emerged early in 2020, brought about by the epidemic of the Covid 19 virus, many cultural institutions have stopped working, while numerous events were cancelled, or postponed. After a complete standstill in this area, the creators of culture turned to other forms of communication, the Internet and social networks. However, going to theaters, galleries and concert halls is an experience that cannot just be adequately replaced by a virtual space.

For all of this, but also in order to survive, some of these very important places started working very slowly and carefully, with full compliance with all epidemiological measures. Anxious to experience the cultural content, now with slightly different habits, visitors set out to visit them. However, when it comes to security, many people still wonder how safe it is to visit cinemas, theaters or concerts especially if they are indoors. Perhaps going to an exhibition, a museum or a gallery could be a real recommendation in that case. We know that these places don’t normally gather immense numbers of people at the same time, that’s why it is easier to respect the limit on the number of visitors.

National Museum - On three levels of exhibition space, the permanent exhibition of the National Museum is a genuine and chronological presentation of culture and art from the Paleolithic to contemporary art of the 20th century.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, an exhibition called Damnjan with the experiences of Damnjan was opened at the National Museum on September 23, 2020, which includes works from the Gift Collection of Dragoslav Damnjanović. The works of the renowned international artist Radomir Damnjanovic Damnjan, created in the period from late 1950s, are presented in several different formats, from drawings, graphics, collages and paintings to installations, objects and photographs. The exhibition will be open from September 23 to December 13, 2020.

Museum of Applied Arts - The permanent exhibition of the Museum of Applied Arts includes various museum objects - works of applied art made of different materials. The exhibition includes antique furniture and wooden objects, jewelry and metal objects, clothing and other objects made of textile, china, porcelain and glass ornaments, drawings, photo albums and other objects of high artistic value.


Ethnographic Museum - The permanent exhibition of the Ethnographic Museum entitled Folk Culture of Serbs in the XIX and XX century shows the characteristics and way of life in that period. On the ground floor of the museum, there are folk costumes and equipment worn at the assemblies and fairs, while the first floor displays the way of life in the village and the city, which differ significantly from one area to another. The exhibition shows typical houses made of different materials and equipped with furniture characteristic of a certain area.

In addition to these museums, permanent and temporary exhibitions, under special epidemiological conditions, with a limited number of visitors and with obligatory masks (these are measures that are currently in effect) can be seen in other Belgrade museums. In addition, there are so many galleries in the capital that welcome all those visitors who are fond of culture and art. Some of them are Artget Gallery, KCB on Republic Square, then the Graphic Collective Gallery on Obilićev venac, the Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Pariska Street, the Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion on Kalemegdan fortress, as well as other locations, of which the open-air ones are very popular.

If you are an art lover, you must definitely use your stay in the capital of Serbia to visit at least one of these galleries and exhibition spaces. Before that, we recommend that you provide yourself and your co-travellers with luxury accommodation at very reasonable prices. So, before you head to Belgrade, visit Novi apartmani website, pick and book an apartment that will suit all your needs and indulge in enjoying the timeless works of top artists.

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