Giannis Giannoulis, a name to respect

Giannis Giannoulis is a name that we should never forget, as this is a man whose selfless acts made a strong legacy for Serbia and our people.

Giannis Giannoulis, a name to respect

Many people do not know who Giannis Giannoulis is, a person after whom one of the Belgrade streets is proudly named. Giannis was a seemingly ordinary Greek peasant born at the early 20th century on the island of Corfu, at the time of the greatest suffering of the Serbian nation, during the First World War. Like everyone else on Corfu at that time, he witnessed the historical events and the struggle of the Serbian army, which, retreating through Albania, finally reached its ultimate goal and safe haven - the island of Corfu.

The island of Corfu, which at the time had about 100,000 residents, welcomed more than 130,000 wounded, sick, exhausted and hungry Serbian fighters. At first, the people of Corfu were reluctant, because they had a reasonable fear for their health and their property, because they themselves were very poor peasants who lived honestly from their work, livestock and olives. However, the initial fear faded away very quickly, because the Serbian army, despite being hungry, cold and sick, did not complain at any moment. It is said that not a single olive tree was cut down by the frostbitten and starving soldiers. The Greeks respected this very much, which led to building of relationship of trust and friendship between the two people. The Greeks, seeing the suffering of ordinary people so far away from their homeland, simply began to share with them all the little they had.

Of course, among them was the then young Giannis Giannoulis who, together with his family, helped the Serbian army by giving them blankets. Giannis and his family allowed a military camp to be set up on their property so that the Serbian Drina Division could recover as soon as possible.


Unfortunately, not all Serbian soldiers could be saved, so 560 of them died and were buried in Giannis’ field with his consent. This was not the whole story about Giannis’ selfless acts. Out of respect for the Serbian people and its army, Giannis forbade the cultivation of the field where the dead soldiers had been buried, even after the war ended when the bodies were exhumed and transferred to the island of Vido. His decision continued to be respected by his numerous heirs, and even today that field is overgrown with weeds and still untouched. Even the grass on this field is not stepped on, as a sign of respect for the Serbian brothers.

This touching story is just one among the many facts for which Greeks and Serbs still call themselves brothers, and the numerous Serbian tourists know this when they visit Corfu, as tourists, and numerous other destinations, because great and sincere love and friendship are felt almost immediately after recognizing the Serbian language. That love and respect is passed on to the young population of Greeks as well.

To honor and never forget the name of this great person and friend of our people, the City of Belgrade named one of its streets after Giannis Giannoulis in 2018. The owners of the apartments on the list of Novi apartmani did the same. We are talking about Giannis apartments, so many of them, all with modern interiors that will provide their guests with very comfortable accommodation.

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