Glamurous stay in Belgrade

If you are one of those guests who prefer nothing but the ultimate glamour that other people can only see on trap music videos, Novi apartmani is the ideal place for you.

Glamurous stay in Belgrade

Novi apartmani is one of the leading websites for renting apartments in Belgrade and its database contains a vast number of apartments with different characteristics. The apartments differ primarily in terms of location, then in size, but also in furnishings. These three characteristics also affect the price of each individual accommodation. The final price, however, can be influenced by other factors, such as the time period, discounts, as well as the duration of the stay.

During all these years, Novi apartmani has become one of the few specialized websites for luxury accommodation in Belgrade, and its database offers some really impressive accommodation units that would satisfy even the Hollywood stars. In the section Luxury apartments you can find a really impressive number of superbly equipped apartments enriched with fantastic details. Most of them have a spa area similar to or even better than in many highly categorized hotels, while some of them even have their own pools.

From all these top accommodations, we will single out the most exclusive ones that could easily be seen in the 50 Cent and Jay Z music videos.


The first place here is reserved for the apartment Nijagara. It is really a unique real estate situated in the heart of Belgrade. This apartment is located in Zmaja od Noćaja street and it offers not only two garage spaces, a private elevator, the Finnish sauna, Jacuzzi bathtub, steam bath, but also has a genuine pool in its spacious interior! Glass walls, showers with large TV screens, state-of-the-art technology and luxurious materials and details will make every guest feel like in a fairy tale. The apartment can accommodate up to 6 guests overnight, while the maximum number of people who can stay in the apartment is 15.

This list simply has to include a Zemun-based oasis apartment Hedonist, a unique open space that has the entire top spa center, and it also has a real pool ideal for 4 people!

There are of course apartments Hedonist 2 and Hedonist 3, the apartments that may not have a real pool, but are equipped with top-quality whirlpool tubs that will provide their guests proper enjoyment and well-deserved relaxation.

Although it is really difficult to single out only a few of so many fantastic apartments and accommodation that belong to the category of "Luxury Apartments", we will try to close this list with one also very impressive accommodation, the apartment De Luxe. It is also located in Zemun and in addition to the phenomenal spa area, the apartment also offers a real pool 5x10 meters in size. This accommodation has proven to be ideal for small and intimate gatherings, such as celebrations of bachelor and bachelorette parties, which will definitely never be forgotten.

Make sure you check out Novi apartmani website and book the luxurious accommodation, even for a day, as it will make a lasting and memorable experience.

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