Holiday guide to Belgrade - Part II

Holiday guide to Belgrade - Part II

Where to stay in Belgrade?

You can stay at your relative’s house, friend, but is it really the best option for you during holidays? The past experience must have taught you well to remember the saying, which your relatives must already know - Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days. And you would like to avoid the situation –‘ Oh, you are leaving (already)?’ or ‘You should stay some more time (but hopefully, not)?“. This is why we suggest that you think a bit about renting your own accommodation. We all want comfort, peace and freedom, don’t we?
Lately, Belgrade has been offering a wide range of accommodation during holidays. Hotel or hostel, or perhaps something different?

Novi Apartmani – Smart choice for holidays in Belgrade

So, you’ve decided to spend the forthcoming holidays in Belgrade. Hotel appears too expensive, hostel makes you feel somewhat uncomfortable, and staying with your relatives and friends was already discarded as the worst option.
So, what else remains?!
The best possible option – the accommodation more comfortable than the hotel, and can be rented at significantly lower prices. This is the so-called short-term renting of apartments in Belgrade, that is, the service already known as – apartment for a day.
If this is your choice, we can offer you the apartments in both city centre and wider city centre areas, and New Belgrade as well. You will have the opportunity to choose from 120 apartments at excellent locations and select what best suits your needs.
If you are able to afford only some cheaper apartments, you will be more than surprised to see the great offer. However, if you would like to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of modern and elegant design and functionality, aware that the quality has its own price, you can pick some of our luxury apartments.

Make Belgrade your New Year present

If you’re lacking the ideas for buying the holiday presents for your best friend, partner or family members, we suggest a very simple way to surprise them and make them happy – bring them to Belgrade.
Belgrade is one of the cities you can visit dozens of times, yet still failing to reveal all its secrets, all its beauties. When Belgrade puts on its holiday clothes, it will offer you a lot of possibilities for having a great time, having fun and learning something new.

So, you don’t believe in Santa Claus?

Novi Apartmani have encountered all sorts of requests from its guests and we’ve tried to meet them all. We have heard so many wishes and have fulfilled them all but few. Unusual requests literally erupt during holidays, and when trying to meet them all, we often feel as Santa Claus.

This all lead to certain changes. Our existing offer was expanded to include one new aspect – Special offer of apartments in Belgrade.

Staying in these apartments can be a perfect present for your loved one during the holiday season, especially because you can include all sorts of additional amenities in the arrangement.

Apartments Nirvana Spa and Laguna Spa both have the Finnish sauna and jacuzzi bathtub,  but you may want some additional services: organising romantic atmosphere with dinner at your request, professional massage, live music, Belgrade sightseeing, driving across Serbia, hiking across Serbia, organising the tennis lessons with professional tennis coaches, riding lessons, etc.

So, do you now believe in Santa Claus ?!


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