Iconic Belgrade cinema now redesigned

Cinema “Balkan”, an iconic venue known for public featuring of the first movie in Serbia, but also for being the hot spot of the cultural and political life is now entirely revitalized!

Iconic Belgrade cinema now redesigned

Cinema "Balkan", one of the iconic and important venues not only in Belgrade, but also in the whole area of former Yugoslavia, after tectonic changes primarily in the film art, had to face the years of inactivity and closing of its doors. It was thought that this would last for good and that this unique place in Belgrade would experience the fate of many other cultural objects that simply ceased to exist, or were replaced by some dull cafe, restaurant, shop, or some other commercial facility. However, thanks to enthusiastic individuals, the "Balkan" cinema has been granted a whole new life.

One hundred and fifty years of the "Balkans" makes a really exciting story. The great hall of this cinema has been the center of events in Belgrade for a century and a half. Whether it was an entertaining event or important political gatherings, the Great Hall of the "Balkan" cinema set the stage for some of the most important events in this area. The first operas, great theater performances, the first sound film after the First World War, important political rallies and establishment of political pluralism in Serbia, are just some of the events that this famous cinema was not only a witness to but also directly involved in.

Today, the "Balkan" cinema is a privately owned cultural goods with protected architecture and is the only one of the 14 "Belgrade Film" cinemas that has endured long enough to be revitalized. Sasa Marcheta Foundation undertook to handle the problems of this well-known Belgrade cultural institution, so "Balkan" became a place reserved for top art events and phenomenal exhibitions. Restored and modernized, Balkan is now ideal for great works of art and creativity. For younger visitors, as well as for those who do not know it, this cultural institution is located in the very center of Belgrade at Braće Jugovića 16.

Novi apartmani invites all those who will visit and stop by this iconic institution of culture in the foreseeable future, which has revived and is now living a completely new life. If you are lucky, maybe at that particular moment, an interesting performance, exhibition or concert will take place that will remain in your memory forever, not only because of the quality, but also because of the ambience that, although renovated and modernized, still breathes the spirit of old times. For this reason, we suggest that you get yourself on time the accommodation that will suit you. On our website, visit the Strict Center section and find a superbly equipped apartment on time for only a portion of the price of an average hotel room.

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