Ideal places for one-day trips outside Belgrade

So, you have experienced the famous Belgrade charm, and now you want to take a break just to get yourself ready for a new „dose“ of the Balkan fun capital?

Ideal places for one-day trips outside Belgrade

Belgrade is famous for many things, but lately it has become known globally primarily for its nightlife, incredible partying and crazy fun. The nickname „Balkan capital of entertainment" was definitely not earned just like that. Today, when the pandemic measures have been relaxed, hopefully for a good reason, partying in clubs, river rafts, cafes, bars and restaurants in our capital is again in the spotlight.

However, after you’ve spent a couple of evenings touring numerous restaurants and enjoying the first rays of the sun on the Belgrade old cobble-paved streets, you will definitely need not only a break, but a serious "restart“ to return to the Serbian capital fresh for a new round of entertainment. That is why Novi apartmani suggests several destinations near Belgrade that will recharge your batteries and restore your energy.

The first is certainly Fruška Gora, a national park located less than an hour's drive from Belgrade.

This national park is rich in meadows and pastures, while its higher parts offer lush deciduous forests. There are so many picnic areas in the Fruška Gora National Park, and Stražilovo, Brankovac, Popovica and Lipovača are certainly among the most popular ones. These picnic areas will definitely meet all your expectations, no matter who you go there with.

Fruška gora offers much more than just relaxation in the beautiful natural areas that rise above the banks of the Danube. Fruška gora is also known for its monasteries. There used to be as many as thirty-five of them, and today seventeen monasteries have been preserved. Some of them you can visit, including Krušedol, Mala Remeta and Vrdnik.

What makes Fruška gora a unique destination is certainly the numerous premium wineries that will create memorable experience for all those who are fond of this iconic beverage. Fruska gora Wine Route offers so many quality wineries that have developed in the last 20 years and their wines have become world famous and recognized by the prominent sommelier who have included them to be the permanent offer in some of the premium world and European restaurants. However, if you plan to "restart", we would advise you not to overdo the tasting of wine, but "equip" yourself with a couple of bottles that you can taste at home with friends instead.

If you find yourself at Fruška Gora, you can continue your trip to the well-known town of Sremski Karlovci, where you will find many buildings of great historical and cultural significance for Serbia.
The places you have to visit here are certainly the Patriarchal Palace, the Cathedral and the famous Karlovac Gymnasium. On the city promenade there is a fountain Four Lions, built in the late 18th century. Since you are in Karlovci, you mustn’t leave without tasting the famous bermet, an aromatic locally-made dessert wine.

For all of you who appreciate traditional culture and authentic experience, but you are not willing to give up modern comfort, Novi apartmani recommends the traditional village Moravski konaci. It is a complex built within a settlement made up of indigenous and authentic old houses, with a restaurant offering local specialties and a nearby church. A wonderful place to spend time is the nearby lake with nine interconnected islands. Along the shore of the lake there is a stone path with benches and in the center there is also a wellness and spa area where you can schedule treatments that will get you back in shape in no time. This excellent destination is located only 90 kilometers from Belgrade.

Just one hour of driving from our capital, you can find another exceptional location. This is the village Lisine near Despotovac. Waterfalls are certainly the major attraction here and among them Veliki Buk waterfall is 20 meters high and never dries up. Nearby is a restaurant where you can dine, as well as bungalows where you can sleep over quite comfortably. Only ten kilometers from Despotovac, you can find Resavska cave, one of probably the most famous tourist sites in Serbia you can visit while you are here.

If you head to Požarevac, you will be able to reach the famous stable Ljubičevo. In addition to the relaxing atmosphere that socializing with horses guarantees, you can enjoy riding along numerous walking trails, but also just stroll around, enjoying nature and feeding and petting these noble animals. While you are in Ljubičevo, take some time and visit the famous stables where the well-known and highly esteemed Ljubičevo racehorses are bred, maintained and trained.

These 5 locations are just our shortlist. However, the possibilities are endless and these 5 locations are only the tip of an ice berg. Explore some new locations, and if you need help, feel free to visit our site and contact us for advice. Of course, do not forget that our portal has become one of the best places where you can find the ideal accommodation in Belgrade at a very reasonable price. We recommend that you check out and book the desired apartment in the section Center, as the summer season in Belgrade is about to begin!

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