Life during home renovation

While the works are underway at your home, do a favour to you and your family and rent an affordable apartment and by doing so, keep your nerves.

Life during home renovation

Anyone who has ever done a bit of painting in the house knows what needs to be done even before this “easy” task. Moving things around from one room to another, putting protective tapes everywhere, lots of dust and dirt and everything. Not to mention that things are getting even worse once you get into renovation of kitchen and bathroom, or… the worst of all - the entire apartment. And if you really think that hiring some contractors who work on the turnkey principle will save you from headaches, you’re so wrong. In most cases, these people are the architects with a phone book full of phone numbers of people with strange nicknames. These specialists are normally not full-time employees, but rather hired at different places at the same time (especially if they are good ones). This is why the efficiency of their work, focus and the resulting quality are rather questionable (the architect may come up with a good solution, but the realisation part is an issue).

Unfortunately, most of us have no possibility to move to some other flat where we could wait peacefully for the workers to finish all the different jobs they’ve taken upon themselves and leave our dwelling place. Instead, we are forced to stay on the “construction site”, which in addition to a pile of frustration and dust in our lungs also prolongs the works.

This is why Novi apartmani suggests that during any kind of works in your living area you should temporarily move yourself and your family out to some of the numerous apartments that you can find on the website In the section Cheap apartments you will find really a lot of comfortable apartments at affordable prices, and in case of a longer stay, you’ll definitely get some kind of discount.

You may think this is an unnecessary cost and a waste of money that could otherwise be redirected to the purchase of a bigger TV, better fridge or some other improvement of your little empire. But, guess what! TVs, fridges and other material items will easily be replaced, sooner or later, with the newer and better ones, whereas your nerves and health will not, unfortunately.

We suggest that before you start the interior works and when you get the rough estimate of the duration, do check out the web site of Novi apartmani and pick suitable accommodation in terms of price and location and phone us to get even a better price for the longer stay. No matter if you’re staying for a week, three weeks or two months – we will try to find the best and optimum solution for you.

Finally, don’t forget that no matter how demanding and hard it is to undertake any interior works in your living area, such works will come to an end ultimately and soon you’ll be enjoying the redecorated area together with your family, which is worth all the suffering.

Good luck with the works!

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