Long live clubbing

The summer season is over, and thus the season fun on rafts, but that does not mean the end of recognizable Belgrade nightlife. Long live clubbing.

Long live clubbing

Each and every city on this planet is primarily characterized by its citizens, but what else makes the city special is its unique places and activities.
Love them or hate them, the river clubs, whether modern ones or floating decrepit wooden sheds, have bravely and justly fought their way in the last two decades to achieving the iconic status and becoming THE THING which makes Belgrade the party centre in this part of Europe.

Belgrade river clubs vary – both in terms of their offer and the party concept provided. Some of them are ideal for relaxation, and you can see plenty of Belgrade residents hanging out there, far from the city noise, enjoying the view, drinking out coffees while feeding the beautiful swans surrounding the café. Other clubs, however, tend to wake up only in evening hours, and provide fantastic clubbing experience, offering all sorts of fun. River clubs Freestyler and River have become famous for throwing crazy parties with plenty of world famous stars. On the other hand, the river clubs such as Blaywatch, Hua Hua i Amsterdam, have become known for the kind of parties typical for this area and as such are among tourist favourites, especially for the tourists from the region.

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When hot Belgrade summer ends, the weather conditions won’t allow the open-air parties any more. This is the period when the “river-club season” ends. Some clubs keep on working and offer their guests a different river experience of Belgrade. However, the biggest river clubs, the centres of summer night-life normally stop working and start preparing for the next season. 
This, however, does not necessarily mark the end of Belgrade night-life. Whatsmore, this city goes on to a higher dimension of partying, and the centre of activities is moved to night clubs. This is when the Clubbing season starts! 


Just like in world known centers of partying and night-life, Belgrade is also experiencing the emergence of new places providing the superb night-life in our capital.
In the recent years, some of the most famous clubs in Belgrade have moved to the locations one could by no means have associated several years ago to the most up-to-date cafés and clubs. For instance, the old part of Belgrade, the so-called Dorcol Platz, in Cetinjska street, Savamala area and Beton hall, is now home to all sorts of popular places – cafés with highly creative interior, unusual restaurants offering various cuisines, grand night clubs with all kinds of music genres and trends. 
The clubs Elektropionir, Zaokret, Polet, Ben Akiba, restaurants Frida, Comunale, Iguana, Sakura, cafés KC grad, Prohibicija, beerhouse Berliner, as well as the art district, represented primarily by Mixer House, have all become a must-see tourist attraction in this part of Belgrade.

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