Movies and TV series filmed in Belgrade

If you are filmofil make a challenge to see them all and to discover new because there were many them, you will feel spirit of past times but also present too.

Movies and TV series filmed in Belgrade

Many cultic movies and tv shows are recorded in city of Belgrade and its souroundings. Many of you probably thought where were they filmed, how did that neighborhood looked like and how it looks now. You have opportunity not only to think about it or see some of the buildings but also to live in that hood and maybe to relive some of the roles of your favourite actors and heroes. We present you some of them and which appartants from our offer can make that happen.


Both old and new one, we have seen them hundreds of times and again we see them gladly when we have opportunity.

The Marathon family


Was filmed mostly in Topčider forest, and some parts in Pančevo near old brewery, but famous house of Marathon family is in Kosančićev Venac, on the corner of Zadarska and Srebrenička streets, unfortunately house is in bad condition but it could still remind you on good old days. Apartments Zora and Kosančić are only 50 meters away from that picturesque neighborhood that looks like time has stopped.

National Class

Everyone who watched famous Floyd imagined how they are the one who actualy drive in streets of Belgrade. Floyd’s house is also not in a representative shape but looks authentic like it looked before, it is in 36 Dositejeva street in Dorćol, close to our apartments City star and Milar.

Majstorska radionica

Chef Života had many problems in his workshop with which we were sympathetic. Famous workshop was on Zvezdara, in 7 Ravanička steet, even though it is changed from before, it is clear how entire hood looked like before. Close to it there is our apartment Sweet home.

Tesna koza

Dimitrije Pantić, forever junior officer, has a lot of problems in his life but one of the biggest is his protected tenant in his house, which is in 38 Vojvode Dobrnjca in Dorćol, close to it are our apartments Brando, Silver, Karmen, Mint and Secret.

Žika’s dynasty

Milan and Žika had many adventures which are laughing us even today. Even though they changed many locations of filming, some of most famous one are from first movies, with Milan’s apartment where Boba comes under Marija’s window. It is in Kneza Sime Markovića street, across Princess Ljubica residence, in same street are our apartments Zora and Kosančić. School where Boba waited for Marija and where she slapped him is Kralj Petar Prvi elementary school, in its neighborhood is apartment Knez. Famous tavern Zlatno burence or Golden barrel, where Žika and Milan have their clash is in Zeleni Venac, in Prizrenska street, across from our apartments Balkan 1, Balkan 2 and Balkan 3.

We are not angels

Famous scene of even more famous movie and club „We are not angles“ in which there are so many things going on is in todays Bitef theater close to Bajlonije opet market. Even though in the movie it is not showed a lot, its clearly that building. Across the street is apartment Vasington.


From newer movies, Munje is probably one of most famous one, adventures of Mare and Pop and urban city life are most memorable. Moment where Deda or Santa Clause is robbing pharmacy is in Kičevska street in Vračar, in close proximity of our apartment Njujork. Last scene was made in garage in Obilićev Venac, close to our apartment Zmaj which is less then 50 meter away.

When I grew up I’ll be a kangaroo

Another cultic newer movie made mostly in Voždovac, in Vojvode Stepe street, in same street is our apartment Maja.

Premeditated Murder

Moment when main actors meet is in park in Topličin Venac, in city center, in close proximity of our apartments Cubo and Birjuzov.

TV series 

No matter how often they reprise them, they will always be dear to us and never boring.

Bolji zivot


Gidra and Popadić family perpetuated end of an era in the late ’80, their building that is showed in the show is in Kopitareva gradina hood, there they are also filmed TV shows Porodicno blago, Lisice, Ulica lipa and movie Nešto između. Apartments Stefan and Argento are there too.

Srecni ljudi

House of Golubović is in peaceful neighborhood of Vračar, even though surroundings is a bit different then before, hose is still there in 35 Miklošić street, few meters away from our apartment Senza. Many wondered is 18 Topolska street that is mentioned in a song real or fictional, it is real and it is close to Kalenić in Vračar, close to our apartment White owl.

Grlom u jagode

Many grew up with Bane bumblebee, his house was in 54 Krunska street in Vračar, close to it there are apartments London, Tafi, Aleksandar and Luj. School that he goes is 5th Belgrade gymnasium, close to Tašmajdan park and stadium where he goes ice skating, there is apartmant M.

Mjesovit brak

House of Čađenovića is in a lovely neighborhood of Palilula, Teachers Colony hood, in 24 Stojana Novakovića steet, close by are our apartments Cvijić and Pionir.


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