Museum of Illusions in Belgrade

Belgrade has got another cultural, educational and above all entertaining venue, where illusions tend to become reality.

Museum of Illusions in Belgrade

In the very heart of the city, right halfway between Terazije tunnel and Dom Sindikata hall, in Nusiceva street no.11, you can find the recently opened Museum of Illusions. The museum is a pure breeze of fresh air in the cultural life of Belgrade and offers more than 70 items exhibited in this three-storey building.

The items of the museum are not intended only for the highly sophisticated art lovers or the ones who cherish natural sciences, but for everyone looking for entertainment, adventure, education and discoveries. Also, the museum is the perfect place for literally everyone, the kids, adults and the elderly.

Some of the most interesting museum exhibition items are the Mirror room, Rotated room and the Vortex tunnel.
If you are a photography lover, you’ll enjoy the Ames room and the youngest ones are particularly fond of the Anti-gravity room. Some of the exhibits include holograms, elusive, confusing and fascinating and unimaginable optical illusions. With more than 40 images of optical illusions, you’ll definitely be amazed, perplexed and reminded of imperfection of our senses and distorted visual representations.

The museum also exhibits a number of installations, and some of them are simply out of this world. You’ll have to see them for yourself as we cannot single out any of them individually, but some of the most popular are the turntables with hypnotic illusions, the clone illusion which makes you feel like sitting at the table with a number of identical copies of yourself, and also some of the illusions about the space and geometry, such as the Bottomless pit, the superb metaphor which will make us all reflect, a bit unusual and morbid Head on the platter, and the fantastic view from the kaleidoscope, the Hollow face, Rubin’s vase and many other interesting installations which will make you speechless.

What makes this museum stand out from the rest, apart from its very kind, well-mannered and helpful staff, is that this museum actually encourages laughter, fun, playing and taking photos. In the smart playroom, the kids and adults may use the games for improving their cognitive abilities and this will definitely set your brain in full swing, while at the same time you’ll be diving into a world of fun.
Dilemma games concept is interesting for both the school children and adults with its maths games, braing teasers and puzzles, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself playing the games for hours and you’ll have the feeling that time has passed unbelievably quickly.These fantastic wooden games can be bought and taken home and can serve as a great fun when you set out to play it at home.

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