New Belgrade hotspot

Belgrade Waterfront project definitely dominates the Serbian capital and is soon to become one of the major Belgrade destinations.

New Belgrade hotspot

Despite numerous conflicting opinions and attitudes (perhaps justified, and perhaps bit too critical), "Belgrade Waterfront" project has literally transformed one whole part of the city, and can certainly claim to be one of the best and most attractive locations in Belgrade.

This newly-built business and residential complex of immense size, which rose on the right bank of the Sava river and which will definitely impress you, has changed not only the setting but also the way of life and atmosphere in this part of the city. A completely new boulevard was built, and similarly to major European cities, the existing streets got modern roundabouts that regulate traffic very efficiently. The railway and bus stations were relocated, which reduced the traffic congestion, and additional parking lots for visitors were made in order to boost the traffic efficiency. The construction of the new major shopping center is finalized, and the construction of the remaining residential and corporate multi-storey buildings is underway.

Despite the extensive construction works, sufficient and proper infrastructure is provided, but also a varied offer intended for all those who want to stroll along this magnificent area and enjoy a different perspective of Belgrade and the banks of the Sava River.

Basically, the view of this part of the city from any angle looks entirely different and amazing. The former „mahala“, which later became a popular central area called Savamala, easily lured and attracted young people. However, with the construction of Belgrade Waterfront, Savamala did not disappear, but was modernized, made more attractive and integrated into a completely different and more modern center. This area placed on the right bank of the Sava river has always been one of the favorite promenades of Belgrade residents. For cyclists and walkers, there used to be a bicycle lane along the river stretching from Ada Ciganlija beach to 25. maj area. However, now this promenade has got a completely new look and feel. The spacious, paved and well-structured promenade now makes an entirely different impression and attracts many Belgrade people, but also its tourists. New restaurants and cafes have emerged, offering a beautiful view and excellent service. There are really numerous playgrounds for toddlers where they can play all day long.

However, the promenade still seems unfinished, since all the works are not completed in entirety. However, the beautiful view of the river, as well as the openness of the entire sunlit landscape make this place an ideal promenade during all periods of the year, even during the autumn and winter cold days.
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