New shopping and entertainment center in Belgrade

Shopping center Gallery is the largest commercial facility not only in Belgrade, but also in this part of Europe and has just opened its doors for the ultimate shopping experience.

New shopping and entertainment center in Belgrade

Belgrade has got another shopping mall. This one is not just another shopping center among many that have opened in Serbia and the neighboring area in the last twenty years and we’ve seen them all. It is the largest commercial building facility not only in Belgrade, but also in this part of Europe. This shopping center is located in the modern residential and commercial complex "Belgrade Waterfront" on the banks of the Sava River and covers an incredible area of 300,000 square meters and takes a very prominent position in this location.
"Gallery" is in fact a regional shopping, catering and entertainment destination where all of you will find the desired content. One of the unique features of „Gallery“ is the fact that as much as 20 percent of the total area of the building is intended for restaurants and cafes, and these designated areas are located in the part that overlooks the Sava promenade and the river.


In addition to a large number of shopping and top catering facilities, „Gallery“ will feature a number of entertainment facilities, including the most modern IMAX cinema, which covers astonishing 4,000 square meters and has a capacity of 1,700 seats. This shopping center will also have two entertainment complexes intended exclusively for the youngest citizens and visitors of this shopping and entertainment commercial complex.

The exterior of „Gallery“ is dominated by a combination of stone and glass that fits very well into the environment and the unique ambience dominated by the Sava River. Although this is an indoor, closed shopping center, "Gallery" is designed just like a proper city and there are squares and streets, inspired by old Belgrade streets. Also, the facades, lighting and street furniture are made to resemble the style from Knez Mihailova street. Some other streets are decorated in a modern style, as well. „Gallery" is also known for having plenty of natural light and greenery. The roof of the center is a large green garden, while the central part is occupied by a magnificent dome that not only makes this whole building look more attractive, but also brings plenty of natural light within the "Gallery" and makes the whole space more humane and pleasant.

The largest shopping center in this part of Europe is not yet complete, but even at this stage it is a fully functional facility and will make you speechless, and we are sure that soon it will shine in its full glory.
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