Outdoor exercising in Belgrade

Belgrade has so many locations and sites where you can exercise outdoor, which has become an increasingly popular option in time of pandemic.

Outdoor exercising in Belgrade

Currently, Belgrade is faced with numerous restrictions for the functioning of sports facilities and fitness centers, due to the current situation caused by the corona virus, the aim of which is to prevent the spread of COVID 19 disease, which unfortunately has changed the lives of all of us.

However, the geographical location and natural treasure of Belgrade allows for numerous sports activities, as well as professional training outdoors. Numerous fitness instructors have recognized this possibility and offer their clients personal and group exercising at one of many locations across the city. All this becomes increasingly visible as spring came and as the days got longer and warmer.

The capital of Serbia offers plenty of locations for sports and sports activities to all its residents and visitors. Some sites are located in protected nature parks, some are part of historic sites, and some are an integral part of urban areas.


When we talk about exercising, first of all there is Kosutnjak, a kind of park-forest that stretches across the area of 330 ha and which really offers many opportunities for sports activities.
An integral part of this nature park are numerous trails intended for running and training, and there are also exercising grounds with devices that have skillfully become an integral part of the natural environment and allow all categories of athletes, from complete amateurs to professional competitors to prepare and improve their fitness surrounded by pure nature.

For those who have the desire to exercise at historical sites, we definitely suggest Kalemegdan, a fortress that has been persistently defying the decay for centuries, but also to numerous armies and occupiers who came, but also who were expelled from Belgrade. Kalemegdan fortress is also a very beautiful park with numerous facilities for an active stay in nature, including running trails and the devices and equipment you can use for power training. If you lack motivation, you’ll find it at this ancient fortress!

In the center of Belgrade, in addition to Kalemegdan, there are other locations where you can exercise properly. Tasmajdan Park is definitely one of them and has been an oasis of this central part of Belgrade for ages. Specialized running trails and training devices attract the residents of this part of the city, as well as its guests to maintain their physical shape.

Of course, we must not forget Ada Ciganlija, the Belgrade sea, which indeed offers a plenty of opportunities for different sports throughout the year. Various terrains, trails, mini training parks, "Adventure Park", cycling, skiing, rowing, swimming, diving are just some of the many activities you can enjoy here.

In the end, we have to single out two well-known locations - the Danube and Sava river promenades, which have provided to all of us the entertainment and natural surrounding for years. The long river banks of Belgrade are great for numerous sports activities, and there are also spacious fields and parks where you can do various exercises and trainings in nature with a view of the river.

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