Pioneer city in Košutnjak area

An archaic name that reminds us of some, now long past times, but in fact, still is a natural oasis of peace hidden in the canopies of Kosutnjak forest.

Pioneer city in Košutnjak area

Hidden between the canopies of the Kosutnjak forest, under the water tower, there is a former gathering place of young pioneers from all parts of the once great Yugoslavia. It is a place where many generations took the famous pioneer oath, but also a place where so many sports activities were organized, as well as cultural events within the amphitheater located in the central building.

Several trim tracks of different field characteristics, including numerous pitches for football, handball, basketball and volleyball still withstand the test of time with, unfortunately, minimal efforts that the authorities are undertaking to preserve this unique location.

Unfortunately, today this unique area is far from its past glory. During the unfortunate decade of the 1990s, the bungalows had a completely different role and provided temporary accommodation for many displaced families, and today they are completely ruined or even destroyed, while the amphitheater and administrative buildings now serve as the seat of the Public Enterprise Parking Service, while the natural environment is „enriched“ with the remains of a temporary facility of a production company where a famous reality show was filmed for years.

However, despite all the above, the sports spirit and natural environment have not entirely vanished from this natural oasis. Moreover, even today this is the gathering place of some new "pioneers" of nature lovers and all those who are fond of active lifestyle, who grew up in the Pioneer city playgrounds, and now raise their children in the same way and try to pass on to them true and timeless values that have nothing to do with past times and historic events, politics and show business.

The values of the popular "Pioneer City" and all the benefits that such an environment provides became most visible during the current pandemic, when the need for staying in nature with family and friends, but at a prescribed distance, became imperative. At that time, even those few who were not aware of all the benefits of the Pioneer City changed their mind and began to use everything this Belgrade oasis has to offer. And the new content is there, as well. There are children playgrounds with slides and other outdoor equipment that our kids love, and there are also outdoor gyms with various devices that are certainly an adequate substitute for indoor fitness centers – if not better!

If you are planning to visit Belgrade during these winter months, and you are also a fan of an active lifestyle, Novi apartmani definitely recommend that you visit this natural oasis. Whether you like to run or exercise in the fresh and clean air, or just walk and feel the peace that only the forest can provide, you will surely enjoy.

After the walk, return to your private oasis that you will get if you choose one of our apartments. For perfect enjoyment, we recommend the section Apartments with jacuzzi where you can pick the apartment which meets all your expectations and the one which will make you feel relaxed in terms of hygiene and epidemiological measures. After that, just enjoy yourself, like in a popular spa center.

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