Shopping in Belgrade

Belgrade is a city with plenty of various and interesting places for shopping where you’ll find anything – you name it, we’ve got it.

Shopping in Belgrade

Belgrade offers so many opportunities for funny, high quality and affordable shopping. So, you’re looking for some garments, designer clothes, sports gear, high tech gadgets, or a cute souvenir to remind you of the great time in the Serbian capital? Belgrade has a great number of interesting places to satisfy all your needs. “All for some, something for all”, is a message from the well-known marketing campaign during 1990s, and such message perhaps gives the best picture of the shopping potential in this city. Even the most addicted shoppingholics won’t be indifferent to the displays in window shops here. As in all world capitals, the prices vary depending on the time of the year and seasonal sales. The upcoming period is dedicated to preparing for the New Year holidays, and this is exactly why you should treat yourself and your beloved ones with a shopping visit to Belgrade.

Although this is the city with nearly two million people, when it comes to world standards, we could say that Belgrade still lacks sufficient number of modern shopping centres. Currently, there are three highly successful shopping malls in Belgrade – Ušće, Delta City and Stadium. These three shopping malls, however, due to their sizes and variety of offer, still manage to sastisfy the needs of the most discerning customers. These shopping malls can offer you almost all the world famous brands, and at the same time, provide a decent place for hanging out with friends before and/or after the successful shopping.
When it comes to the accommodation, the agency Novi apartmani can offer you really a lot to choose from. A lot of our apartments are located near the shopping malls, and we can recommend the following: apartment Ušće, near the shopping mall it was named after and near the confluence of the Sava and Danube; apartment Savada, right next to Delta City shopping mall, and near a dozen of restaurants and bars located on the Sava coast.

The shopping malls, as typical shopping locations in all major cities in the world, are not the only thing Belgrade has to offer, when it comes to shopping. In the last ten years, the young and creative people from Serbia have followed the global trends in the area of design and launched their own sales stores where you can buy unique accessories and clothes, crafted by these young Serbian designers. These specialised stores sell the selected items of both the little known and globally well-known designers and fashion designers.
As time passed, some parts of Belgrade have turned into the unique design districts. These locations used to be abandoned and decrepit department stores and production lines, but now they have become the colourful and lively stores offering vast variety of products.


One of these places is the so-called Čumićevo sokače (Čumić corner), a place which used to be the main shopping area for the elite residents of Belgrade in 1990s. With the new millennium and the emergence of modern shopping malls, this place was largely abandoned. Today, the Čumić corner is the design district – a place where the young fashion designers opened their boutiques and where, at decent prices, you can find the designer clothes, not at all lagging behind the world trends and creations of prominent designers. Some of the creations you can find here were awarded at famous fashion events in the world, and have already had their place on the red carpets of the most prestigious music and film festivals in the world.
Apartment Ben Akiba is the ideal accommodation located near this fashion district, and can be your perfect base for further exploring the city centre.

Mikser House is also a place where you can find all kinds of designer products. The place offers the enjoyable atmosphere and is free from the format of the shopping mall, and here you can find the unique items of furniture, home accessories, clothes, shoes and many other hand-made details to make your stay in Belgrade unforgettable. Mikser House has gradually gained so much reputation and therefore become the place where you can attend the cultural events – concerts, theatre plays, exhibitions… This is undoubtedly the place you must visit during your stay in Belgrade.
Web site can recommend the apartment Palas, located near this charming place, and also near the central square.

Nowadays, a number of shopping malls across the city is being built. During the next and subsequent years, some other shopping malls will also start their work, such as Plaza Mall and Ada Mall, and currently, some more shopping malls are under construction, such as the large shopping mall in Kneza Miloša street. Also, after the first buildings within the project “Belgrade Waterfront” are finished, this will create even more space for some new shopping malls and retail chains. Belgrade design districts are also expected to further expand, thus making Belgrade the central shopping destination in this part of Europe.

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