The iconic Serbian movie at the Cannes film festival again

After 40 years, the cult Serbian film

The iconic Serbian movie at the Cannes film festival again

One of the best, and many will say undoubtedly the best film in Serbian cinematography, the film "Who’s that singin’ over there?" is an iconic achievement directed by Slobodan Šijan and screenwriter Dušan Kovačević, and was selected this year in the selection of the 73rd Cannes Film Festival. Since the Cannes Film Festival was not held on its usual date this year, the selected films will be shown in autumn, more precisely in October and November.

The film "Who’s that singin’ over there?" will enter the Cannes Classics program, which includes 25 feature films and seven documentaries.

The film was made back in 1980, that is, exactly forty years ago, when it was premiered at the same festival, and at the same time it won the audience award. It has repeatedly been marked as the best Serbian film, and over the years it has gained new interpretation over and over again and has been an inspiration to many. No matter how much circumstances and "times" do change, this is a film that finds its place and meaning in every new context.

For those who don't know (are there any???), the story takes place on a day many years ago - on April 5, 1941, the day before the bombing of Belgrade, in April 1941.


A group of people - distorted characters - travels from a Serbian town to the capital, carrying with them the mentality, poverty and the dreams of a big city and the world. The journey takes place in a dilapidated and shabby bus, and at the end of that journey they are welcomed by a destroyed and shattered, devastated Belgrade on which bombs fall.

The film will be featured in its new „clothes“, digitally restored and improved, and as part of the retrospective of the most significant achievements shown at the Cannes Festival. In addition to the film "Who’s that singin’ over there?", a host of cult achievements of world-renown directors of enviable reputation and career will be shown.

We from Novi apartmani are all really extreme fans of film art, so we are very pleased to share with you this news in our blog as well as basic information intended for users of our services. After learning about this, many of us played this anthology film again and we enjoyed the famous characters and memorable phrases spoken in this film.

We are proud that Europe will also have the opportunity to enjoy this Šijan’s masterpiece once again.

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