The most expensive apartment in Belgrade

The most expensive square meter in Belgrade was sold late in 2020, located in Belgrade Waterfront residential area and the price amounted to astonishing 9,000 eur!

The most expensive apartment in Belgrade

The pandemic has affected so many aspects of our lives. One of them is the real estate market, which, unlike many other industries, has seen an increase in price and demand. This can be said especially for cottages and holiday homes, because citizens, faced with a state of emergency and "lock out" have created a need for larger facilities and houses.

However, the most expensive property is not located on the slope of a mountain. The award for the most expensive square meter in Serbia goes to an apartment in the premium location Belgrade Waterfront, with the price of 9,124 euros, while the most expensive apartment in Belgrade was bought at the same location for as much as 1,380,888 euros. Also, the top 40 most expensive apartments, at a unit price, were also sold in Belgrade Waterfront area.


The fact is that this newly built corporate-residential complex draws the attention of both citizens and investors who see the numerous benefits of this micro location. A beautiful view of the river, plenty of amenities for all generations, as well as the openness and breadth of the entire landscape make this place ideal and be all means highly desirable.

Novi apartmani would gladly add that expensive apartment to its offer of apartments. However, until this becomes reality, if you are planning a visit to Belgrade, or if you are a Belgrade resident who is interested in what life is like in this quite a new Belgrade near the largest shopping and entertainment center in this part of Europe, then visit the Novi apartmani website portal and book the apartment Waterfront, as it is located right in the heart of this new „Belgrade hotspot“.

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